Friday, October 21, 2016

Are You Suffering From Election Stress Disorder?

It's a thing. The American Psychological Association says that more than 50% of Americans say the election is causing them severe stress. And Mama Love has noted your pain: my most popular products right now are Releasing Worry and Fear and Soothing the Angry Heart with Restful Sleep and Support for Troubled Times close behind. And people are buying the large sizes! (Which is more economical so you can feel free to use it liberally! I've been using these as my daily after-bath oil instead of body lotion.) An interesting choice some people have been making: Open-Hearted Loving! My customers inspire me sometimes so I gave it a try. Yeah, it's appropriate! I've been carrying tension in my chest this election and Open-Hearted Loving is great for the Heart chakra. I found it quite relaxing. And, yes, I always get asked this question: you CAN use more than one at the same time! (I certainly do.)

I have an ELECTION SPECIAL in my Etsy shop right now: my three top-sellers as a set for 30% off.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Upside of a Flower Essence Self-Awareness Crisis

Some people (on occasion, not often) find that the psychological condition they are treating with flower essences temporarily intensifies just before transformation occurs. This is called a self-awareness crisis and it is caused by bringing unconscious emotions and attitudes to sharper awareness. It is also something I avoid like the plague! Who wants to take something to heal a problem and have it get worse? It's counter-intuitive. . . but sometimes it's exactly what needs to happen!

Case in point: my jaw is out of alignment and causing me migraine headaches, problems with chewing, TMJ symptoms. I've tried a lot of approaches such as daily Reiki, Chinese medicine, massage, magnesium (that DID help but has side effects at the high enough dose). I've also been examining emotional issues I know are involved (anger and resentment about not getting hired at full-time positions I am wildly qualified for, not getting into MFA programs, the elections, etc.). I finally decided to use a flower essence that was guided to me: Larch, Rock Water and Zinnia.

Larch is for having a more positive outlook on the future and more confident self-expression. Rock Water is for not being so hard on myself and for relaxing rigidities. Zinnia is for lightening up, cultivating amusement about the absurdities of life, and having more positive energy for life in general and for what I want to try next. 

Sounds good except the first thing that happened was an intensification of the opposite feelings! And my jaw pain got really bad. Oh damn! Who wants that? But then something surprising happened. I've been working on this problem with very little sustainable progress for some time and was feeling angry, sad, overwhelmed and discouraged. I flopped on the couch on my customary left side, leaned into the armrest that my elbow was resting on and rested my head in my left hand -- OWWWW! My jaw hurt like hell! 

And that's when I realized that this posture was my customary unconscious behavior whenever I was feeling this bad! This was a repetitive motion injury of sorts and all I had to do was stop that behavior and perhaps counteract the damage by pushing my jaw the other way. Easier said than done -- I had NO idea how often I had fallen into that habit, but I'm actively aware of it now, making changes and my jaw already is feeling better. Much better. And I don't think I would have gotten a handle on it if the flower essences hadn't intensified the problem temporarily enough for me to notice it more obviously.

So don't be afraid of a self-awareness crisis when using flower essences -- work with it! Regular use of complementary practices such as meditation, counseling, journal-keeping or other forms of self-expression can ease the process or prevent a healing crisis from occurring in the first place. If the awareness crisis becomes unusually intense (beyond a healthy level of discomfort), reduce the frequency of the dosage or change the flower essence selection. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Custom Flower Essence Formulas

I've decided to add custom Reiki-infused flower essence formulas to my Etsy shop. This one listing has a couple of options. Both, however, are best used by people who already have some experience successfully using flower essences.

The first choice is for people who have a clear idea of what they want to use a flower essence formula for. It's an inexpensive offering, assuming my customer won't need a lot of counseling or consultation time (2-3 email exchanges). I use a combination of training I received from the Flower Essence Society and inner guidance.

The second choice is what I think most people would do best to choose: a 1/2 hour email consultation in addition to the formula. I typically find that people who are excited about flower essences want to tackle too much at once. They say "I want the formula to do this! But wait, I also have this going on, can we add something for that? Oh! And then there's this other thing, maybe we should add something for that!" Next thing I know they're asking for a formula that is sure to give them problems because they're trying to tackle too much at once.

ONE issue per formula is the best approach to using flower essences, generally speaking. Sometimes there are interlocking issues that can be addressed at once but it is important to narrow the field down to a single healing subject at a time so your body/mind can successfully integrate it. The 1/2 hour consult can help you do that. You'll find it in the same listing. The cost is $45. We can typically do that via email or Etsy convo if we're online at the same time.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Benefits of Using Body Oil Instead of Lotion

Well, when the oil comes from Mama Love or Flower and Spirit, it is organic jojoba oil with natural botanical flower essences and essential oils. . .  and jojoba is the oil that is MOST like the oil your own skin produces. There no emulsifiers or preservatives required and NO toxic chemicals! Since your skin soaks up 65% of what you put on it, this is very important. (Why would you want to expose yourself to such ingredients over such a large surface of your body?) And, contrary to popular belief, if you use body oil the right way it will not clog your pores! 

What is the "right" way? Use far less than you think you need -- far less than your favorite lotion or skin cream! If you apply it to damp skin when you first get out of the shower, all you really need to do is rub a few drops between your hands and lightly apply to your body. Only 1 drop is needed for your whole face! 

Almost a year ago I put a bottle of one of my body oils on my bathroom sink counter and got in the habit of using it every day because I loved the feeling of the flower essence and essential oil formula I was using! It made me feel so much better about myself I decided to make it part of my daily routine. What I did not expect was how soft my skin would feel--BONUS! And, obviously, isn't that what most people want an after-bath body lotion or oil to do? I haven't gone back to lotions or creams since.

The oils in my Flower and Spirit shop match the perfumes I make and are made at a strength suitable for everyone including small children, elderly or people who are ill. The oils in my Mama Love shop are meant to be therapeutic and have a slightly higher essential oil content but are still aromatherapy strength suitable for most people.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Day of the Dead or Grateful Dead

Grateful Skull
Grateful Skull
by paulnsheryl

My own illustration inspired by the Grateful Dead or the Day of the Dead on a truly FUN pair of hi-top sneakers sold on Zazzle.

If you use the coupon code ZAZFALLSTYLE you'll get 40% OFF at check out! But DO IT NOW -- the sale is only for 2 days.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hawaiian Luau Hi-tops?

Hawaiian Luau Floral in Purple and Green
Hawaiian Luau Floral in Purple and Green
by paulnsheryl

Colorful and fun! I'd wear them in Hawaii.