Sunday, December 10, 2017

What's Your Story? #myturnnow

How has the Trump presidency and its policies affected you? How is the Republican Congress and the actions they are taking or not taking affecting you or are likely to affect in the future? Tell YOUR story. Your personal story. Share online with the tag #myturnnow .

I never expected to feel like my government is out to get me! Yeah, I knew there were inequities in the system that needed to be addressed. Yes, I knew I wanted significant improvements. But I NEVER expected that the “reforms” would 1) take us in the opposite direction and 2) be so horrific that they literally serve to make it so millions of us will be financially devastated and unable to take care of ourselves in the future, especially in the case of accident or illness. I didn’t imagine that my government actually wanted so many of us DEAD.

Of course, what was I thinking? They’ve had no trouble sending our youngest and least well-off adults off to war for dubious reasons. That’s been going on my whole life!

But somehow I was able to delude myself into thinking—in recent years at least—that people who sign up for military service are doing so BY CHOICE, that it was for heroic reasons (at least in their hearts). But then I lived in rural Arizona where people desperately defend that myth with all they’ve got. . . but the only children who go to war are poor and feel like they have no obvious choices available. Not if they want to afford college. Not if they need to get out of what feels like a horrific situation at home. Not if they want to stay off the streets and keep a roof over their heads. And not if they want to make mama and daddy proud in conservative right wing Arizona. That’s an important piece of it, too. During the time when we were there, during the worst of the Great Recession, the economic conditions in that region were far far worse than Recession-quality and the emotional manipulation . . . well . . . let’s just say that Glen Beck was on the television at the local laundromat with a slew of people watching in rapt attention day and night.

But back to me and my feelings of rage—masking the extreme vulnerability and terror I’d feel if I wasn’t channeling it into anger instead! Trump? Nah! Yeah, that’s pretty horrific but he’s NOT the main event. The corporate coup by the Republicans in power and what they are doing is why I can’t sleep at night! In the Republican Tax Plan, they mean to undermine Affordable Healthcare, trigger cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and eliminate deductions for medical expenses all at once! In other words—especially if you are getting older— they’re eliminating your ability to afford to live and pay for unexpected medical expenses without being rich. They’re stealing the money that we paid out of our paychecks our entire lives to help protect ourselves and our families—while getting paid a salary as Congresspeople using our tax dollars (another theft under the circumstances)—in order to pay off multi-millionaires and billionaires who don’t need it! It’s not just insensitive, it’s not just vicious. IF YOU’RE NOT RICH—if the Republican Congress doesn’t get paid enough directly by you to sustain their own millionaire lifestyles—THEY WANT YOU ELIMINATED! They don’t want you actually using the already insufficient government benefits you paid for if you’re not well off. They want you DEAD!

I never thought I’d write something like this, never mind post it publicly. But I never thought that in my late 50s that economic conditions outside of my control (the Great Recession crash) would almost completely destroy my small business and that I’d find it nearly impossible to step back into the workplace as I always used to in the past. I never thought that the impressive resume and portfolio that always brought me jobs within a few weeks would be useless for years, that I’d be turned down for interviews I should have been a top candidate for, that other places would claim to have “lost” my application multiple times, and that I’d be juggling multiple ways of eking out a living while spending most of my time at part-time minimum wage work without benefits that makes my professional resume more outdated and supposedly irrelevant every day! I have no retirement benefits or significant savings left. I’ve been living this particular nightmare for 8-10 years! Somehow we keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Somehow we get by. But, under the circumstances, these Republican Tax Cuts frighten the hell out of me! They feel like a direct attack on my well-being, I don’t sleep well at night as a result, and I wake up livid with rage every morning.

When George Carlin said similar things to what I’m saying in this post in the 60s and 70s, I thought he was exaggerating. When I heard my radical friends saying similar things, I thought they were, well, radical! I didn’t believe it, even if there did seem to be a grain of truth to it way back then. I thought it was just hyperbole, it couldn’t possibly go that far. I knew Republicans I thought were wise and decent people. I still know a few Republicans who seem to give a damn about other people. But not this administration, not this corporate oligarchic almost-dictatorship. 

I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish by posting this. I mostly want to be able to sleep at night! But maybe if we start talking like the women in the #metoo movement did—maybe if we talk openly about what this Tax Bill, DACA, anti LBGT policies, anti-Muslim immigration, anti-black policies, anti-women policies—any of the things this administration is doing to us personally—we’ll get some airtime! We’ll start a movement that will take on a life of its own. Tell your story! #myturnnow

This Morning's Relaxing Cup of Oatstraw Tea

Organic Oatstraw or Oat Tops
I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping these days. Mostly that's because of some bad habits I've fallen into since starting a day job with a very inconsistent schedule. Some of it is because that day job doesn't pay well and never will, and some of it is because of Trump and an out of control Republican Congress. I find myself not wanting to go to bed until I finish at least some of what I'd being doing if I didn't have to have that day job. And I'm quite addicted to Steven Colbert. Those things go hand in hand since I can write these blog posts and tinker with my Etsy shops, even do some forms of art in front of the television. And then the art and finally finding a way to laugh at the national horror show wakes me up should it be the rare occasion when I would have been actually tired enough to go to bed early instead. And then . . . well, I'm awake anyway so more often than not I stay up to watch Seth Myers and his "Closer Look" segment.

Really bad sleep habits! I used to have a healthier sleep schedule or stay up and have the ability to sleep in every day. I'll be doing some brainstorming on how to get my Colbert fix when what he's joking about is still timely -- yeah, that crazy fast news cycle is part of this. And I keep trying to get my boss to have a more sane approach to schedule making, but I guess (being the newest member of the team and low person on the schedule totem pole) I've been way too nice about it.

But enough about that. What I needed this morning was a restorative approach to what I've done to my physiology with all this needless drama.

This morning I made myself a tasty cup of Oat Tops and Honeybush Tea with a little Blackberry Leaf added to help mimic the taste of black tea. I added a touch of honey and milk and it's really good. The Oat Tops (Oatstraw) are the deeply restorative part. Filled with calcium and B vitamins, Oats have been used for centuries to nourish the body and soothe the mind. I use it in a bedtime tea I make with Mint and Chamomile that is really nice to drink in the evening (I should probably remember to do that tonight!) but you can also get the Oats and make your own blends.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Remaining Calm in the Chaos with Red Clover Flower Essence

Remain Calm

I will admit it's been exceedingly hard to remain calm these days. Have you seen the news lately? Pick a day, any day for more than a year now and there's good reason to be freaked out or angry and plenty of people on social media to share the experience with! And that's part of the problem—all the people spreading the "cheer." It's important to be aware—yes—but we're also absorbing all the angst and fear and trauma of the posters.

Red Clover Flower Essence is for an inner steadiness and calm despite what may be going on around you. It's an excellent choice for emergency situations or times when you need to be the rock in a setting where people may be panicking or losing their cool. It can help when you need to access your inner guidance and ability to make choices from a centered place. 

I have Reiki infused Red Clover Flower Essence in dosage bottle and spray form in my Etsy shop.

Healing Gifts for Christmas

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy
It's been quite a year! How about giving the gift of healing this Christmas?

Couldn't we all use a little Peace and Goodwill or Comfort and Joy? How about Renewed Faith and Optimism?

Maybe someone on your list has been going through a particularly hard time. Give them Support for Troubled Times, Releasing Worry and Fear or Restful Nights for a better night's sleep and far less angst and anxiety during the day.

Want to support someone to make positive changes in their life in the new year? Give the gift of Resolve and Determination, Doing New Things with Confidence or Manifesting Life Purpose. Depending on the change they want, you might add Attracting a Partner, Open-Hearted Loving or Abundant Prosperity!

I've always sold products that combine flower essences with essential oils in both oil and spray form for the people on your list who love aromatherapy. But check out my unscented (flower essence only) droppers and sprays, too—no worries about scent sensitivities there! Everything is infused with Reiki to be the most beneficial products I can make.

Almost all my products are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. Or buy three or more to group together for an even nicer gift (and a decent discount for you!). Check the Discount/Wholesale section of my shop for bulk discounts.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Some Thoughts for the Times We're In

Teachers I had at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology would often talk of great transformation as involving the breaking apart of how things used to be in order to come together in (hopefully) a much better way. I guess we're dealing with the coming apart phase so it's really useful to remember to have faith in the process!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Pine Flower Essence for Self Forgiveness

Pine Bach Flower Essence
I've written extensively about Pine Flower Essence because I think it is incredibly appropriate for the Christmas season. Pine is one of the original Bach Flower Remedies. It is used by people who blame themselves when things go wrong, who feel excessively guilty and feel like they can't forgive themselves. They might constantly criticize themselves or feel tired and depressed from feeling worthless or like nothing they do will ever be good enough. How a person like that might long for salvation and inner peace! Pine is a salve for the heart on many levels. It helps you accept yourself, forgive yourself, and able to move ahead despite faults or past mistakes. 

I recently added Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Pine Flower Essence to my Etsy shop.