Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trumpet Vine Flower Essence for Clear Speech and Dynamic Self-Expression

Trumpet Vine Flower Essence
Trumpet Vine is a great tool for people who struggle to speak in public or perform in front of others. It is especially useful if shyness or intimidation makes you focus more on how you might be judged or perceived than on the successful projection of what you want to express. 

Trumpet Vine does not actually address the fear or nervousness you might be feeling. It's more specific for being able to draw on the inner strength and vitality to, perhaps, notice the fear but do it anyway! This flower essence is a perfect choice for performers, teachers and public speakers as well as for times when you need to be assertive in your private communication.

It is also often helpful for people who stutter or struggle with some other speech impediment. It helps you speak clearly and express yourself with confidence.

You can find Reiki infused, dosage strength bottles and sprays of Trumpet Vine Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Using Flower Essences to Calm and Support Your Inner Rebel

James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause"
“Calm Your Inner Rebel?” my Inner Rebel starts to say as I write this piece. “WTH, do you mean? Why would you want to calm me down? You need to wake me up! With all the @#$% that’s been going on in the world these days, do you mean to tell me you still just want to sit in your little hidey hole writing BLOG posts about some little-known esoteric healing art made with FLOWERS? ‘Smell the FLOWERS’ she says. They can make you feel ‘special’ and ‘spiritual’ and ‘calm’. CALM?!!! You need to get out of your small little world and get something done! There’s @#$% going on!”

My Inner Rebel is a bitch.

But she does have a point. There is a time for revolution, there is a time for resistance, there is a time for rebellion and for a lot of us, this time is NOW!

The archetype of the Rebel is an important one. Rebels are the movers and shakers in society. They’re the revolutionaries and reformers who change the world, the visionaries and inventors who see outside the box, the artists and musicians and performers who help us experience our world differently, the free spirits and provocateurs who shift our culture and never settle for an unsatisfactory status quo. We need our inner and outer rebels. 

But rebels can also be outlaws and bandits, misfits and outliers without a cause, troublemakers who destroy things and create chaos just for the fun of it, and people who like to push boundaries and break the rules just because they exist!

Your Inner Rebel can inspire you to get out of bed in the morning with the vim and vigor to change the world OR, conversely, make your life and the life of others a living Hell. (We have the shadow side of the King version of the Rebel archetype in the White House now. Even if you’re one of the people who likes what the Rebel King says he stands for, the chaos, rancor, and upset this combined archetype often creates in shadow mode can be quite horrific.)

So How Do You Work With Your Inner Rebel Effectively?

Everyone has an Inner Rebel and that part of your personality has an important role to play. You at least want to give the Rebel a voice because its influence can help you change your life and do great things in the world. But it can also make you rebel against helpful aspects of authority, reject the discipline required to conquer difficult, unpleasant or boring tasks, or force you into conforming to a lifestyle or identity that actually limits your life and squashes your potential. We’ll be looking at flower essences, then, to help quell your fear of your Inner Rebel as well as those intended to work with the shadow side of the archetype.

Making Friends With Your Inner Rebel or Revolutionary

What are you afraid of? Some inner authority who wants you to play it safe, to conform to the norms of society, or stick to the status quo? Or maybe you really are afraid of what the Rebel might try to make you do (as if THEY’RE the inner authority). Maybe you DO want to stay in your room writing blog posts instead of standing out in the street in the hot sun holding a protest sign against Trump! Maybe you DON’T want to hear what that rebellious he- or she-monster wants to say because he or she’s just going to get you in trouble and mess with your life! 

Okay, I get it! But where could she or he HELP you have a better life? Maybe the solution is to have a dialogue with that aspect of yourself. Think of the Rebel as a member of your inner committee and not the ruler of the whole show. Here are some flower essences that can help you regain your sense of inner authority while giving the aspect of yourself that needs to change things a way to come out and play:

Cayenne: Hot and spicy (but tasteless) Cayenne Flower Essence can ignite your inner fire to help you move out of stagnation and into action. It can help you when you are procrastinating or stuck in resistance to making change in your life. Read more about Cayenne on this blog. Find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Cayenne Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Larch: Larch addresses the lack of self-confidence that comes from fear of how people will react. That makes you censor yourself or stifle your desired ways of being in the world. Larch can help you have a more positive attitude so you can be freer to try things and express yourself. Read more about Larch Flower Essence on this blog. You can find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Larch Flower Essence in my shop.

Rock Rose: This flower essence is for those who are deeply afraid about waking up these tendencies. Perhaps you were taught not to question authority in your family or church. Perhaps you were even punished. Rock Rose can give you the courage to face the inner demons, support your process, and calm the fear. Read more about Rock Rose here. Find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Rock Rose Bach Flower Essence in my shop.

Trumpet Vine: Come out of your shell! Trumpet Vine can help you speak up assertively and share all of who you are. Read more about Trumpet Vine on my blog. Dosage strength, Reiki infused bottles and sprays of Trumpet Vine Flower Essence are available in my Etsy shop.

Zinnia: Left to their own devices children experiment with life and have fun doing it! What we sometimes call rebellion, other people see as being free spirited, spontaneous, willing and able to enjoy one’s life. Zinnia helps with unhealthy repression and brings that free-spirited playful aspect of ourselves forward more often. See a fun little video about the spirit of Zinnia and the Inner Rebel here. Find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Zinnia Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Calming the Overly-Rebellious Influence Inside

Did you think that the girls in the video I shared about Zinnia (above) were actually little brats? There's a reason for that! There's sometimes a thin fine line between doing whatever you want for the sheer joy of it and trampling on the rights and feelings of others. Read on . . . 

Are you so enamored with fitting the Rebel archetype that your chosen way of dressing or behaving is threatening to undermine things you care about in your life? Messing up your relationships, making it impossible to hold a job, getting you in trouble with the law? I’m not saying you should conform but YOU are not the costuming you choose to drape yourself in. It’s a choice or it could be if you had more flexibility. Neither should you necessarily feel compelled to rebel against everything, all of society’s conventions, all laws and rules, all people in a leadership role (all teachers, all employers, etc.). 

What are you rebelling against? And why? Usually an out-of-control Inner Rebel comes from rebelling against an abusive authority figure (or figures) from earlier in your life or wanting to do so now. Do you have an inner authoritarian who screams too loud or tries to beat you up? Do you try to squash and rebel against that inner voice to the extent that you don’t have the discipline to do things that would ultimately be good for you? Here is one flower essence to consider:

Vine: Vine is used for people who behave in domineering, tyrannical ways, attempting to force their will on others. People who act out the extreme shadow aspect of the Rebel archetype frequently wind up acting out in these ways. However, Vine is also helpful for working with an internalized abusive authoritarian figure. Either way, Vine can help gentle your heart and help you be more sensitive to how your behavior affects others (or yourself). It can help you express leadership qualities while developing tolerance for those who believe or behave differently than you. I have several posts about Vine on my blog. This is the most recent and includes links to two others. You can find Reiki infused dosage bottles and sprays of Vine Bach Flower Essence in my shop.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Stop Obsessing over the Small Details of Life with Filaree Flower Essence

Filaree Flower Essence
I so wish perfectionism wasn't such a chronic pattern for me! I know where it comes from: getting harshly criticized or punished for the tiniest mistakes and getting praised to high heaven for straight A's and getting everything right. Add in the rewards in the real world for the very same things: I was a graphic artist starting in the days when everything was done by hand and had to be perfect. I've proofread books for a living, got paid to shelve books in the perfect order in the library, have risen to positions of leadership on multiple occasions because I'm always the one paying attention to the details.

But it's hard to let go of it! I even stop to look up how to spell words in my private journal when I'm right in the middle of making headway on something really important to me. Nobody's going to see it but me . . . but what if they do? Well, what IF they do?!!! Sometimes I just want to put down the obsession and have some fun! (Which, in reality, I AM capable of doing but I'm trying to give you an example of times when Filaree could be really helpful.)

There are people much more obsessive about little things than I am. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD come to mind. "Did I lock the door? Did I check whether I locked the door? Maybe I should check again. Ready to go—no, wait! Did I shut off the stove? Oops, I touched the doorjamb! Now I have to wash my hands." That's the extreme version of the Filaree personality. 

A less extreme but equally disruptive pattern is when you need to pay attention to every little piece of news about politics or something else you can't do much about and then obsess and worry so much about it that you don't get anything else done! It's like you have a magnifying glass on these bits and pieces of life experience that make them seem SO big, they take up your entire world view. 

We all fall into this behavior during stressful times but for some people it is a chronic habit. Filaree helps you hold the tiny and maybe not so tiny but short-lasting events of daily life in a healthier perspective. It takes a lot of psychic energy to focus so much on these things. Using this flower essence can free that energy to be used for something truly productive and helpful to your life.

I have Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Filaree Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Vine Bach Flower Essence for Leadership Without Authoritarian Control

Vine Bach Flower Essence
Oh, VERY funny, Divine Guidance! I was tired at the thought of deciding what to say about Vine. But I copied the link to this essence in my shop anyway and somehow, accidentally, was taken to the website for CNN and a photograph of Trump! Ha, ha, ha. (The LAST person I want to talk about.)

Why? Because his Vine-like behavior and the Vine-like behavior of many of his cohorts is filling my Facebook newsfeed and daily conversations with anger, angst and pain. And that's just the SMALL part of what's making us upset!

But let's focus on the Vine part. People who exemplify the Vine personality type are so certain they know what's best for everyone else that they hold no court with listening to other opinions, real negotiation, or winning people over to the same point of view. They resort to force and bullying behavior instead. These are your tyrants and dictators, the abusive boss, your worst nightmare of a teacher, or anyone who lords over other people in an authoritarian sort of way. But don't think the ordinary person might not sometimes slide into this behavior on occasion under duress. The over-stressed parent or spouse who "needs to be in control" so other people will do the right thing might be an example. Especially if they grew up under the thumb of an authoritarian parent figure themselves.

Vine helps cultivate sensitivity for other people so leadership can come from a much more gentle place. It brings out the ability to listen and work better with people, recognizing that the best leadership encourages and inspires and allows people the freedom to make their own choices whenever possible.

You can read more about Vine Bach Flower Essence here on my blog. And also a very personal experience using it for inner authority figures here.

You can find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Vine Bach Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Vervain Bach Flower Essence for Activists Who Don't Know How to Relax

Vervain Bach Flower Essence
OMG, OMG, did you see what he did today? We need to resist with everything we've got! Get on your phone and call your Congresspeople now! Everyday! All day! We can't stop! We need to be on the streets! Not just today but every day until they change and do what has to be done! Forget about your job—this is important!!! And on it goes, not just for a day or two or a week or a month but on and on.

Now, of course, the job at hand may need long-term support! But then it's doubly important to proceed in a way that's actually sustainable and doesn't turn people off through impossible standards and sheer fanaticism. We need to find balance, put down perfectionism, and find the "middle way."

Rest, relax, find your peace! You're more likely to inspire people to join you when you model health in how you behave. And you're more likely to succeed when you're rested and taking care of yourself.

You'll find Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Vervain Bach Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Using Flower Essences to Work with Over - Perfectionism

Where does perfectionism come from?
Our culture glorifies striving for excellence and most people would agree that this choice is a trademark for behavior that typically leads to success. On the other hand, psychologists agree that being perfectionistic in a maladaptive way can lead to a highly reduced quality of life, setting you up for depression and anxiety, social difficulties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, reduced life expectancy and suicide. 

The problem isn’t wanting to achieve. It’s setting high if not impossible standards for achievement or behavior coupled with the feeling that one must avoid failure at all costs. It’s a negative orientation rather than simply a motivating one. It’s deeply fear-based, rooted in early childhood and often passed on from generation to another. It can lead to working way too hard and being overly hard on oneself or the opposite pattern of procrastination and holding back from even trying. Which means you might not even get the satisfaction of success that you might have been taught striving for perfection is for! 

All pain and no gain? Well, not exactly. You avoid feeling the shame of failure if you never even try. And, with the opposite pattern, no one can fault you for not trying if you continually give it more than the average person’s all! But it’s not a happy life so let’s look at some flower essences that might help:

Agrimony: I think of Agrimony as being for people who are the life of the party, the person people always want to be around because they're always pleasant and cheerful. But underneath, this person might not be happy at all—their smile is a mask designed to make everyone else happy by always keeping things emotionally perfect and upbeat. People who need this essence are so concerned with being liked through appearing jovial that they sometimes hide their feelings from themselves. Agrimony flower essence can help them put down the facade so they can face their feelings and be themselves. You can learn more about Agrimony here on this blog. You can find Reiki infused Agrimony flower essence dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays in my Etsy shop.

Beech: Beech is for people who have such overly perfectionistic standards that they become blaming or extremely critical of others. But the key to understanding the Beech personality is that they often were deeply hurt by someone else being overly critical of them growing up! In fact, they usually can't handle criticism themselves because of the degree of pain they carry about having to be so perfect. You can find out more about Beech flower essence here on this blog and buy dosage strength Beech flower essence in my Etsy shop.

Cerato: This flower essence is for when you are so worried about making the “right” decisions that you can't trust your own thinking. It has to be the perfect decision, you know. You can't afford to make a mistake! So you ask everyone around, getting tossed this way and that instead. Because you lack the confidence to dare to make a mistake you sometimes make the mistake of letting other people make your decisions for you. Cerato flower essence is available in my Etsy shop.

Crab Apple: Crab Apple is for people who are so obsessed with even the tiniest imperfections in themselves that they shame themselves and hold themselves back in any number of ways. They might actually feel unclean and develop obsessive-compulsive tendencies intended to rid themselves of all impurities or flaws. You can read more about Crab Apple here on this blog or find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Crab Apple flower essence in my Etsy shop.

Dandelion: Dandelion is for people whose perfectionism leads them to over-striving, over-planning, and workaholic behavior that is ultimately bad for their health and those around them. The flower essence helps them relax and take life more in stride. You can learn more about Dandelion flower essence here on this blog or find dosage strength bottles of Dandelion flower essence in my Etsy shop.

Elm: I recently wrote about my own experience using Elm. It's for people who often succeed with very high standards but feel so compelled to perform at that level that they get overwhelmed by taking on too much. You can find Elm flower essence in my Etsy shop.

Filaree: This flower essence is for people who obsess about small details out of proportion to their actual importance, pretty much the definition of the extreme version of perfectionism. People in this state drain their energy through excessive worry and concern. Filaree helps them let go and free themselves for ways to be truly productive. I wrote a recent post about Filaree on this blog. You can find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Filaree in my Etsy shop.

Larch: If you grew up in a family where perfection was demanded to the extent that you fear making mistakes or being judged unfairly by others, this flower essence is probably for you. It's for the kind of perfectionism that leads to lack of confidence and holding yourself back in order to avoid failure at any cost. I have written about Larch Flower essence on this blog many times as it is probably the essence I use the most. It's great for shyness, for example. Or for optimism and self-confidence. You'll find Reiki infused Larch dosage bottles and sprays in my Etsy shop.

Pine: This is the flower essence to use if overperfectionism leads you to berate yourself for every mistake, small or large. If you can't seem to forgive yourself, Pine can help you stop punishing yourself and surround yourself with love. Read more about Pine flower essence on this blog. You can find dosage strength bottles and sprays of Pine in my Etsy shop.

Rock Water: Rock Water can help you loosen up and enjoy life more if you tend to follow harsh ascetic standards of perfection. It can help you go with the flow, release crystallized patterns, and open up to life. You can read more about Rock Water here on this blog or find dosage strength and Reiki infused dropper bottles and sprays of Rock Water in my Etsy shop.

Vervain: This flower essence is for times in your life when you get so swept up by your zeal for a mission or cause that you get to the point of being hard on yourself and others and deeply disappointed when they won't adopt your mission and standards for themselves. We see this kind of behavior online quite a bit right now. You desperately want other people to see things your way, join your cause, be more woke. So, like many people these days, you post one thing after another on Facebook to hammer the point across. Or you canvass door-to-door for hours and days and weeks until you're exhausted, put your own life on hold, forget to eat, to sleep, to take well-needed downtime. This isn't coming from a purposely harmful place — quite the opposite! But it's too much, you can't healthily be in activist mode ALL the time! It gets counterproductive, it turns people off and away from what you have to offer. . . and it's stressful and exhausting for you!  So that's when you need Vervain—when you need to find balance and moderation, the "middle way," and balance your activism with rest, rejuvenation and more tolerance for the long-term processes at hand. You can find Reiki infused dosage bottles and sprays of Vervain flower essence in my Etsy shop.

Vine: I think of Vine as Vervain running totally off the rails! But unlike Vervain's tendency to stress themselves out, Vine is way more likely to stress out everyone else. The behavior isn't just about being upset about other people's imperfections. When you're in this state you're SO certain of what you think is right for everyone else and SO intolerant of anything else that you might slide into authoritarian behavior intended to make people do what you want them to do. This is the bullying boss that barks orders or issues harsh uncalled for levels of discipline. At the very least it manifests as overly controlling behavior that attempts to put other people in their "place." Vine helps a person develop the sensitivity to listen and work better with others, inspiring and guiding in a loving way, and allowing people to make their own decisions and mistakes. I've written several blog posts on Vine. This one focusses on a personal experience using it to work with a self-critical inner authority figure. And this post is about ways to understand the Vine personality based on how the Vine plant behaves in Nature. You can find Vine Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.