Tuesday, December 11, 2018

White Trumpet (Easter) Lily Flower Essence for Integrating Sexual Expression with Spiritual Purity

White Trumpet Lily (Easter Lily) Flower Essence
As a flower essence, White Trumpet Lily helps people integrate spirituality with healthy sexuality and/or sexual identity. If you grew up in a religion or family system that taught that there is something wrong with sexual expression, you may also have learned to devalue yourself (or others) either as sexual beings or as spiritual beings because how could one include the other? Obviously (within such a mindset) it cannot! Especially if you are attracted to the same sex or to specific types of sexual expression especially reviled by those with this same manner of thinking..

Sometimes this manifests as a "Madonna/whore" split where a person rejects sexuality as "lower" in nature or flies to the opposite extreme of seeking forbidden thrill-seeking sexual encounters, almost always outside of marriage. White Trumpet Lily allows a person to believe in the sacred purity of their souls and their bodies as a whole. 

Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of White Trumpet Lily Flower Essence are available in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Flower Essences for When You're SO Tired

Tonight, when I was wide awake and feeling energetic, I had the idea of writing about flower essences for addressing emotional patterns keeping you from having the energy you need. I asked for guidance about the most appropriate flower essences —that's where this list came from—but then realized that almost any flower essence will help shift energy depending on what energy blocks are being addressed. Are you feeling frightened? Is deep trauma or grief keeping you from getting the deep rest you need? What about buried issues that get triggered over and over in your life? Or patterns that keep you from going to bed like being hyper-responsible, obsessed with some aspect of life (your own or someone else's), being too wound up and overexcited to allow yourself to rest, etc,  etc.  The list went on and on! So now I'm the one feeling tired! (So I went to bed and finished this post in the morning!)

Like any flower essence project, (assuming the problem IS emotionally based and not something you should be talking to a medical doctor about), the biggest question to ask yourself is what do you know about why you are tired? If you're not getting enough sleep you will, of course, want to address what seems to be interfering with that. But if you do get what seems like an ordinary amount of sleep this part of the process is even more important. Write about it. What's going on in your life? (First thought.) How does that make you feel? Keep in mind that the reasons could be buried. So think first about when this tiredness took hold. Can you remember what was going on back then? Is it situational? (For example, are you dead tired during the workweek but come alive on the weekends?) Ask your inner guidance system for any clues to lead you on your way.

OR use the following list of flower essences specific to lack of energy as a starting place (and if anything comes up to address further, follow up with essences for that!) Each heading link goes to the appropriate place in my shop. "Learn more" links go to blog posts where I go more in depth.

Aloe Vera: for tiredness caused by burnout or burning the candle at both ends. It's used mostly for workaholic tendencies and for people who submerge their feelings (often having to do with self-esteem) by staying excessively busy. Learn more about Aloe Vera . . .

Hornbeam: for addressing fatigue caused by lack of enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Lungwort: for relieving the bone-deep weariness associated with hopelessness and depression. Learn more about Lungwort . . .

Nasturtium: for when you feel drained of energy due to too much intellectual activity. Learn more about Nasturtium . . .

Oak: for the strong responsible person who overtaxes themself so much they exhaust themselves through not knowing when to quit or at least take a break. Learn more about Oak  . . .

Olive: for overwhelming fatigue or exhaustion due to illness or extremely challenging life experiences. Learn more about Olive . . .

Tansy: loss of energy due to emotional overwhelm around making decisions, change or getting involved in various forms of activity. Learn more about Tansy . . .

(not commonly used for general tiredness but they seemed important to include on this list:

Indian Paintbrush: for lack of energy enough to overcome creative energy blocks. (Also, look at Tansy in regards to this issue.). Learn more about Indian Paintbrush . . .

Morning Glory: for tiredness due to erratic energy patterns caused by being hyperactive at night, having a hard time getting up in the morning. Learn more about Morning Glory . . .

I also have a Recovery from Burnout and Exhaustion formula that combines Aloe Vera and Hornbeam with Corn (for the grounded ability to stand tall) and Zinnia for energy, enthusiasm and a renewed sense of fun.

All the essences and essence formulas in my shop are dosage strength (ready to use without diluting), organic, and Reiki-infused.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Lungwort Flower Essence for Lifting Bone-Wearying Depression and Lethargy

Lungwort Flower Essence
Years ago I went through a period when I was just dragging myself through the day at work. I had a job that I thought was pretty great for a long time but that eroded for me bit by bit over time. A co-worker suggested that I wasn't tired, I was depressed! I didn't believe her, at first, but then realized that I never felt tired on the weekends. I had to take a good hard look at where I had gotten in that job. Intellectually, I still believed it ought to be "great." After all, nothing about the job had significantly changed. But I changed! And, except for certain occasions when I got to do a favorite task, I was bored and—yes—depressed because I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do that would pay as well. (An important consideration in what was then the least affordable place to live in the country!)

So, you could say I was "deep-pressed." The depression was lodged deep inside, pressed in by hopelessness that I did not know how to address. So I tried to ignore my disappointment and carry on. But some part of me knew the truth and she thought the weight of faking myself through life was exhausting.

Lungwort Flower Essence isn't just for people attempting to ignore their feelings. In fact, it's more likely that you are very well aware that you feel bad emotionally. But it is manifesting as a bone-deep feeling of weariness—low energy that feels like you're carrying a heavy weight. And you are, on the emotional level!

Lungwort can help you release the hopelessness and despair at the heart of this condition. Instead of feeling drained and drooping like the gesture of the flower itself (check out the photo above), you feel lifted up again. People say the weight gets lifted away and they feel like they can breathe again.

Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Lungwort Flower Essence are available in my Etsy shop.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Cosmos Flower Essence for Clarity of Thought and Speech or Writing

Cosmos Flower Essence
If you struggle at times to express yourself clearly, Cosmos flower essence could be extremely useful to you. It helps you organize your thinking when you are overwhelmed by too much information. This can make some people overexcited and inarticulate or, worse, shut down and unable to speak. I could have used it this weekend as I have a presentation to make this week and there were too many pieces of the puzzle all converging together to think through. (Luckily I have a great helper to consult with at my side to hash things out with!) But this flower essence can help you do some of the same things: it enlivens your thinking, allowing you to quickly grasp what needs to be expressed and stay flexible in the moment so you can express yourself more intelligently and freely. I plan to use some before the staff meeting I have today!

You can find Reiki infused dropper bottles and sprays of Cosmos Flower Essence at dosage strength (ready to use without diluting) in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mama Love Oils are Now at Gifted Boutique and Wrappery in North Carolina

The Gifted Boutique and Wrappery looks SO cute! You just have to check the website out. So many sweet and affordable little things (and some bigger ones). If this shop was near me I'd be in there all the time! Guess my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy oils will have to stand in for me.

If you live near Holly Springs, NC, go check it out. The address is 1112 Kentworth Drive.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Flower Essences and Aromatherapy for Joy, Comfort and Abundant Prosperity, Thanksgiving

Cornucopia -- the symbol of abundance and Thanksgiving
Years ago when I started my Mama Love business I thought long and hard about what I wanted in my product line. Products for grief, loss, fear and stress reduction came first—those are the obvious choices! But I also wanted to address the psycho-spiritual components of particular life issues. At the time, mine had to do with the intersection of life purpose and life work. And, in particular, how to create that intersection in a career that was financially prosperous! I've had a long time tendency to value WHAT I do over how much I get paid. But that has lead to financial insecurity time and again. So the concept of shifting my attitudes towards prosperity was something I dearly wanted to address! That meant that one of the first products I created was one called "Abundant Prosperity."

The idea behind my set of Abundant Prosperity products is that to create what you want, it is almost essential to imagine the good fortune you intend to create. In particular, how would it feel to know you have abundant prosperity in your life? For me: joyful! And like I can truly relax. Truly prosperous people (from my point of view) don't need to be constantly striving. I would feel grateful, finally safe and at ease, and able to release the burden and struggles of "making a living" in exchange for LIVING! Enjoying it.

I recently had a little taste of that: an unexpected period of paid time off.  Business was shut down at work temporarily because of the Camp Fire and all employees were given emergency time off with pay. At the same time, I was engulfed in the pain and suffering of an entire community of people who just lost everything in those fires! The survivors came down from the mountains to evacuate to Chico, CA which is where I live. I helped out at one of the shelters one day and then shifted into communications support after I found out how inundated they were with certain donated items but how short they were on others. I wanted to get the word out about what was going on and what really could make a difference. And what I learned was that feeling prosperous made me feel generous. And seeing first hand the enormous generosity of others was also heartwarming as well.  It helped me know I didn't have to give ALL my time away helping out.  I got to ENJOY my time off and use the time the way I wanted. (No conflict—there was enough prosperity to go around!)

My "Abundant Prosperity" products combine flower essences (and flower essences with essential oils) to help release stuck energy holding you back from creating joy and prosperity in your life. They also help cultivate the feeling of prosperity (joy, safety, awareness of positive abundance) while promoting the creative inspiration and disciplined focus to go after your heart's desires. I know without a doubt that feeling that you are lucky and able to have well-being in your life assists in the process of creating more. So start the way you mean to go on! That's what "Abundant Prosperity" is designed to help you do.

You can choose:

Flower Essence Dropper Bottles and Unscented Sprays
• Flower Essence Aromatherapy Sprays (scented with essential oils chosen for their similar qualities to use on your body, in your aura, or in your home or place of business)
• Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oils for topical use (massage, bath, body oil)
     Dram-sized (convenient to carry in your purse or backpack)
     1 oz (more economical for massage, bath or body oil) 
Flower Essence Aromatherapy Perfume

This line was also the inspiration for a premium perfume I make called Strange Magic (eau de parfum strength). 

All of my flower essence and aromatherapy products are organic and Reiki-infused.