Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lotus Flower Essence for Expanded but Balanced Spirituality

Lotus Flower Essence
I felt drawn to use Lotus Flower Essence tonight. I'm distressed about a decision I made (felt like I had to make) and despite my best efforts I couldn't seem to allow it to be alright. And yet I don't how to change it to what I'd really prefer right now. I feel like I'm coping with a great lack of faith in this particular area of my life after many years of 1) things working out mostly okay but 2) not what I really want.

Not everyone experiences Lotus this way but I feel like it rebalances me. It helps me feel centered and strengthened. Other people will find that helps them be more open and expanded. Lotus acts like a spiritual elixir for the spiritual body in general. After using it tonight I felt more at ease with my life—more in touch with my own spiritual nature—and faith comes a lot easier when you feel like that.

I just added dosage strength bottles of Lotus infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Make Your Own Mint Tea Blends

What do you like the taste of better—peppermint or spearmint? When I was a kid I far preferred spearmint—spearmint gum, spearmint candies, spearmint toothpaste, all gentle, mild and yummy! Peppermint, though, definitely grew on me over the years. Peppermint patties, my favorite Steve’s Ice Cream flavor (way back when Steve Harrell made it himself in his original ice cream store in Somerville, MA), and anything with that distinctive almost icy cold / icy hot effect. (Exactly why I did not like it when I was a kid!)

Now I can’t usually make up my mind, and what do Libras do when they can’t make a decision? Don’t choose—l blend them together and enjoy the qualities of both!

Want to make your own mint tea blends? Here are a couple of recipes to get you started. I put the ingredients in a tea strainer in my teapot, pour boiling water from a tea kettle over the top and steep about 5 minutes.


Sooooo relaxing! Breathe in deep as you drink it to enhance the soothing effects!

1/4 cup dried peppermint or spearmint (or both)
1-1 1/2 tablespoons dried lavender
Add a pinch of stevia or a touch of honey while still hot to taste (if desired).

Keep a container of this in the frig and serve hot or over ice (it’s an excellent summer iced drink).

Lovely Lemon Mint

My favorite combination! I particularly like to add the Lavender Mint tea above to lemonade and drink it iced. Delicious! But when I want something hot to drink I make this tea:

Equal parts (or any combo you prefer):


(Use 1/2 teaspoon each for a large mug, 2 tablespoons each or more for a teapot)

I like my tea lemony—I even add a squeeze of fresh lemon to my cup. If you prefer a minty beverage with more of a touch of lemon, use half the amount of lemon balm and lemongrass.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Organic Red Clover is Back!

Organic Red Clover Tops
One of my favorite herbal ingredients is back in my Etsy shop! Sweet-smelling organic Red Clover smells so lovely. And it can be really useful for women's health, especially after menopause. I use it in my Pink Goddess blend.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Choosing Flower Essences Using the Power of Intention

When most people—and I'm going to include myself in this—go in search of a healing solution our primary motivating factor is usually PAIN. Emotional and/or physical distress that we just want to STOP! And that's understandable—of course, we want that.

So when someone approaches me with a desire to interrupt a long-standing pattern or current day acute distress they always start with the idea of what they want to change. "I'm not sleeping, I'm worried all the time, I need to know what to do about it!" And being the dutiful helper I start out by thinking the same way. . . until I check my guidance and occasionally get offered a really different solution than what I typically would expect.

When I received my flower essence practitioner training we were taught to not only look at what the client wants to change but what they want to feel instead. What do they intend?

So, for example, suppose you ARE worried all the time because you're facing some challenges that involve making changes and you don't know what to expect. The concern as it usually gets stated is "I need to stop being so anxious and afraid. Do you have anything for that?" And I do! My most popular formula, in fact, Releasing Worry and Fear is great for that.

But what if we reframed the request in terms of what the client wants instead? "To feel more relaxed." Okay, I'm still pointing them to Releasing Worry and Fear. But if I say "relaxed about what?" the answer expands to "the future, of course, and how I'm going to handle it!"

Now I'm starting to look at Larch which is for more positive expectations and, therefore, greater confidence to tackle the process of making the changes desired. If we have more conversation and ask why you are concerned about how you're going to handle things, I might hear that you've had a significant setback (Gentian) or that the project is a long-term one requiring inner strength and determination. If at that point, I ask you to set an intention, I might hear that you might have had a tendency to give up in the face of overwhelming obstacles (again, Larch) but that you intend to have the resolve, inner strength and fortitude to persist in this situation no matter what!

Now I'm thinking you could greatly benefit from a formula I make called Resolve and Determination that has Larch, Impatiens (for acceptance of long-term process) and Penstemon (for great inner fortitude and perseverance).

And that is a very different formula! Does that mean using Releasing Worry and Fear would be wrong? Yes, on one level but it's perfect on another. For example, maybe you need to calm down so you can even imagine a course of action for the future. Use Releasing Worry and Fear first. Then do some intentioning (visualizing and thinking about what you want to create instead of  obsessing about what you fear) and set some goals. When that process is complete, now you step into your power and use Resolve and Determination to help you move ahead.

I offer flower essence consultation if you want help with this process, and my partner Paul and I can work with you separately or together as spiritual counselors and healers to take you even further along.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chocolate and Roses with a Social Conscience

One of my recent customers, Kristi Wilson, has a handmade gourmet chocolate shop on Etsy called Sweet Impact Chocolates.  She offers some of the most gorgeous confections I have ever seen—check these out! But not only are they beautiful, they are made with a social conscience. You see, way too much cacao is grown using child slave labor! Sweet Impact's chocolates use ingredients free of child labor and Kristi donates 10% of all sales to help NGO's working with children in the countries where cocoa production is stealing their futures. And she makes an effort to make sure that most of her ingredients are Fair Trade and/or organic. 

Kristi contacted me about my organic pink rose buds and petals and we struck up a conversation about what her plans were. Turns out she wanted to use the buds to decorate her newest chocolate creations so I made an effort to send her a batch of mostly buds alone. And look what she did with them! So pretty! And not only that, she said the batch sold out really fast. I love hearing things like that and it is such an honor to get to share what she does on my blog. Go support Sweet Impact! I can't think of anything more fun than eating something gorgeous and delicious that supports such a worthy cause.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Don't Be Silent—The U.S. and the World is Suffering from Han (Haan)

Last night I was watching Anthony Bourdain's show about Koreatown in Los Angeles and the concept of Han (or Haan) was discussed. Han appears to be a deep culture-based state with severe emotional and physical symptoms such as chronic acute heartburn, heart palpitations, dizziness and insomnia—people have even died of it! There is no word in English that expresses the condition (yet). Wikipedia defines it as a "collective feeling of oppression and isolation in the face of insurmountable odds, the overcoming of which is beyond the nation's own capabilities. It connotes aspects of lament and unavenged injustice."

I hesitate to say that the solutions are "beyond our nation's capacities" (yet) but, certainly, many people on my Facebook Friends list have expressed such beliefs and we KNOW that Donald Trump's ability to get elected despite his years of obvious perhaps-criminal behavior—how many times has this man been sued for HOW many reasons?!!!. Again, HOW MANY TIMES?—was related to a widespread feeling of anger and injustice among white working class and suddenly-drowning ex-middle class Americans since the crash of the economy in 2008 (and for wide swaths of America long before). The rise of Bernie Sanders among Progressives (of all races and religions) came from a similar place: deep distrust, grief and anger at status quo (Neo-Liberal) Democrats and conservative Republicans participating in allowing our culture to be laid to waste by corporate interests. And now it's worse than ever and operating blatantly in plain sight.

Being the healing-oriented person that I am, I immediately wondered about healing solutions that might help. But this is no ordinary personal-level experience that can be solved by plain old individual-oriented solutions alone! I am working with Angel's Trumpet myself (for the ability to surrender at times of deep transformation) and I can't say the flower essence blend I'm using has had no deep effect.

But when it comes to societally-based injustice, individual solutions without societal-level, planning, organizing and change keeps perpetuating the myth that we are incapable of collectively moving this nation forward. And by the way, this condition is certainly not a U.S. phenomenon alone! No, there is a global wake-up that widespread inequity has to be addressed or suffer the consequences.

The easiest first steps: don't be silent! We can march and we can protest—at least. And we can organize and plan actions to get things done.