Saturday, October 21, 2017

Should You Use Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oils or the Unscented Droppers or Sprays?

I got this question today: I don't know what to order—spray, oil or essence. Which is more powerful?

My answer:
It depends on your experience with flower essences versus essential oils. Flower essences have no scent, can be very powerful on their own OR very subtle with their effect accumulating over time. I find them amazing so they are the heart of what I do. 

All my products start with me designing a flower essence formula. If I create an oil then I choose essential oils that will provide similar effects to add in. The reason I do this is 1) a lot of people don't know about flower essences but do feel comfortable with aromatherapy and 2) some people find the effect of flower essences too subtle and don't tend to have the patience for step by step accumulation over time.

The oils give you the quick effect of aromatherapy whether the flower essences affect you powerfully at first or not -- and that's hard to predict! If you like how the oils make you feel, then I figure you'll stick with it to get the full-on longer-lasting effect of the flower essences.

The oils, however,  are not more powerful than the unscented products. They're more accessible and some people LOVE them and wouldn't think of using anything else. But I have a significant and very much growing group of people who only use the dropper bottles and unscented sprays. 

I'd say to experiment! Try what you are drawn to and think you would like most.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Using Wild Oat Flower Essence When You Already Think You Know What You Want To Do (But Don't Feel Motivated)

Wild Oat Flower Essence
Last night I added Reiki infused dosage bottles and sprays of Wild Oat flower essence to my shop. And, as is sometimes my habit when I'm attracted to a particular essence, I wondered what it might do for me. But I was also thinking that was foolish—I know what I think I want to be doing: Art! And flower essences. And... too many things. But I'm not having trouble choosing (she thought). I just don't have time to do it all and have a day job and have fun with my partner and just relax and watch funny movies after a hard day at the day job, etc.

Somehow with all of that inner conflict for how to use my time I had lost motivation for art (even though I want to be doing it). Oh, and did I mention that I have too many styles of art and types of media that I want to do? (Not a Wild Oat problem at all -- HA!)

But I had started a new painting. There's nothing wrong with it . . . but (sigh) I'm afraid it might be a little boring. For the viewer. Of course, that's me at the moment . . . but early in the painting process I often think that . . .

So I took Wild Oat Flower Flower Essence and felt . . . nothing.

I watched a movie with Paul, had a relaxing evening, went to bed really late after dropping off to sleep on the couch, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was wide awake. I tossed and turned for an hour but all I could think about is how I want to be doing oil pastel paintings!

But I had talked myself out of doing that years ago. I have very little experience with it. Of course, I still have that expensive box of Senneliers I bought years ago but there were reasons I let go of that . . . weren't there? I couldn't think of any that made sense anymore. Except, OMG, try to get proficient at ANOTHER art form?!!!

But I did buy that box. And the thought of working with them would not leave me alone last night. I actually got up at 4 am and looked up my favorite oil pastel artists online and watched youtube videos on how to do one technique after another. Of course, this is what I want to try next. I could do this art form sitting in the living room with my sweetie while watching TV together if I want—no more conflict there.  I could layer colors more easily in the way I want with this. I could explore getting oil paint looks, I could draw and paint at the same time. (It might be a horrible mess and waste of materials, she glumly thought.) But I want to do it! I always wanted to do it! Stop talking me out of things!

So I said yes to myself and finally fell asleep.

And now that's the game plan. Thanks, Wild Oat!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Path in the Woods Painting, Lady Slippers on the Path

Lady Slippers on the Path, © 2015 Sheryl Karas
TV synchronicity! I was just about to post about this painting featuring Lady Slippers—which is about life purpose and walking your path with spiritual integrity—when a commercial said "Follow your path and you'll be unstoppable!"

Well, I intend that this is true because I am currently following the path of artist again and I want that to be a success!

The original of this particular piece sold to Chico Breast Care Center where it hangs in the lobby next to the admissions desk. (Pretty cool—I'm still excited about that!) But several people have expressed interest in buying this one so I'm making prints on stretched canvas in a variety of sizes available in my new Etsy art shop.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Healing Despite the Constant Barrage of Bad News

Garden by the Pond at Twilight, © 2017 Sheryl Karas

I forgot to post a link to our spiritual counseling and healing newsletter! But I think I'd like to reprint the article I did for it here. After all, it's the constant barrage of bad news we're dealing with between the Trump and Trumpublican horror show in the White House and Congress, the massacre in Las Vegas (compounded by massacres caused by gun violence in the U.S. on a daily basis), climate change fueled catastrophes, etc., etc., etc. that is casting a pall over everything else!

So I asked for guidance on coping with my own feelings about this and this is what I received:

“Take it one step at a time. First step: how do you FEEL? Cry! Rant and rave if you have to but reach for what’s driving your rage: fear.
“Then take it one step further. Don’t write your congresspeople yet. Write to yourself: ‘I love you. I am not alone. We are not alone. We are not crying in the wilderness alone!' 
“Take each other by the hand. Take each other out for coffee, a cup of tea. Go for a walk in the park. Sit by the ocean or on a gentle hill and look out, see the vastness of the world around instead of just the suffering that appears to be right in your face (perhaps on “Face”-book) or the evening news.
“Breathe out pain and misery. Take in the view, the vastness of time and space. Sincerely believe that this sitting is necessary. And breathe in light and refreshment, love from all around, and breathe it back out extending to all humanity. 
This is NOT just an exercise. It’s an intention. Buddhists often take it a step further and call it a Lovingkindness Meditation: 
May I be filled with lovingkindness.
May I be safe from inner and outer dangers.
May I be well in body and mind.
May I be at ease and happy.
May I be at peace.
And then extending to others you love, are thinking about, those who are suffering:
May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you be safe from inner and outer dangers.
May you be well in body and mind.
May you be at ease and happy.
May you be at peace.
“Finally, imagine those you don’t agree with, especially those actively horrifying or infuriating you, and do the same for them! I know that feels hard but, after some sitting on a rock extending the intention of healing to yourself and others, it comes naturally.
May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you be safe from inner and outer dangers.
May you be well in body and mind.
May you be at ease and happy.
May you be at peace.
“Want to do more than simply pray?!!
“So be it. Amen.
“May your actions be guided by compassion.”

New Etsy Shop for Canvas Prints of My Art

A Willful Act of Resistance ©2017 by Sheryl Karas
I have opened another Etsy shop! I'm trying to be excited but it's a lot of work. Still, I've been wanting an easier way for people to find me and to be able to buy prints on canvas of my work and printed products featuring my art. I'm pushing through a little artist discouragement to do it, though, so I decided to post this piece that I call "A Willful Act of Resistance." Sometimes that's what painting a vase of flowers can be like (at least for the heart)—a willful act of standing up, against all odds, for the beauty of life. I'm currently showing the original in the window at Kreations clothing store (130 W. 3rd St., Chico) for the month of October for Chico's Artoberfest celebration.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Hound's Tongue Flower Essence for Inspired Creativity

OMG! I have an unexpected day off today (in addition to a scheduled one tomorrow). How nice it is to finally be able to breathe and have some extended to time to relax and dream! 

I thought, of course, that I'd get some put-off work done in my Etsy shop. I have a long ongoing project of adding Reiki infused dosage bottles of ALL the flower essences I use. I thought it would take a few weeks but, ha ha, I have so many it's taking me many months and I'm not even half way through! Oh well.

Today I felt drawn to adding Hound's Tongue. Every time I even look at photos of that flower I get filled with a sense of joy and today that is particularly true. I get SO mired down in the expectation to work enough hours to make, honestly, a rather low income that it becomes a true challenge to think beyond the materialistic challenges of daily life. But Hound's Tongue lifts you up! It takes a person out of the materialistic trap so you can be inspired by higher realms of existence. This helps free the imagination, stirs creativity and allows for a much more holistic perspective. I use it in my Clarity and Inspiration formula.

But sometimes people find it helpful to use flower essences one at a time.