Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rabbitbrush Flower Essence for the Ability to Think Holistically as Well As Notice the Details

Rabbitbrush Flower Essence
Do you ever feel like your attention gets so easily pulled away by the enormity or overwhelming number of things happening at the present time that you have to fight to pull your attention back enough to focus on what needs to get done? Conversely, do you ever get so hung up on a single detail that you lose track of the big picture altogether?

I have to admit that focussing on one thing at a time is VERY calming to me—I'm VERY good at focussing. I LIKE focussing. I like getting things done. (Do you know how many blog posts I do in a week? Not just here but on one of my other jobs? A LOT because I have to focus to do it and I like it.) But too much of that leaves me scared because part of my consciousness is very aware that I'm letting too many other things go. And I want to be aware of what else is going on (even though, like a lot of people these days, the daily news alone is often more overwhelming than I can bear).

Sometimes I feel like a shocked rabbit that just wants to freeze or go run into a hole. But I hate being stuck in that place for long. Luckily for me, and all of you, I want to come out and engage with the world and do what I hope will make a difference for myself and others. So what does a "scared rabbit" need to be able to engage with life again? Rabbitbrush Flower Essence.

Rabbitbrush help you stay embodied and grounded enough to handle multiple pulls on your awareness. It helps you stay aware of the overall situation and specific details at the same time. It helps you move your attention in and out and back again so you can stay clear thinking without blocking out everything else.

Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Rabbitbrush Flower Essence are available in my Etsy shop.

Quince Flower Essence for Balancing Strength with Compassion

Quince Flower Essence
We're seeing a lot of power struggles between males and females in the news these days. Women are speaking up to and often taking down the powerful, saying #MeToo and #TimesUp, running for office and fighting for their rights (and lives) like never before. Meanwhile, the old male guard is working as hard as they can to push through a Supreme Court nominee in Brett Kavanaugh they hope will cement their dominance for decades to come. Oh, how I hate making this blog appear to be about politics, but today was the day I decided to write about Quince Flower Essence and finding a way to balance attributes we often confuse with masculinity and femininity is what that flower essence is used for!

Men can be loving and kind, women can be strong and powerful. We don't have to be stuck in this kind of dynamic but that's the passion play before us! How do we look at that as a mirror for our own development? Well, by looking at the conflicts we have within.

Can you be firm but kind, strong yet compassionate, loving yet fierce, having the flexibility to act either way when it's called for? Quince can help with that. It helps you align the power of your will with the power of your heart so you can be a loving parent with firm boundaries or a leader who makes decisions from a position of both decisive strength as well as compassion. It helps you feel secure enough to show your vulnerability without being weak, to be assertive without being domineering. 

What I know about Quince as a plant is that it is quite hardy and strong but the flowers are compact and sweet. It is in the Rose family. Like the rose, some have pretty intense thorns—this is a plant that can protect itself. But the flowers are beautiful and the fruits have a lovely scent, some people call it intoxicating and heart-opening. So that's pretty much the signature—open-hearted but fiercely able to protect itself. Similar to the Rose but a lot stronger.

You can find Reiki-infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Quince Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Quaking Grass Flower Essence for Working Better in Groups, Community-Building

Quaking Grass Flower Essence
For those of us longing for the bridging of the horrific gaps widening in our society, Quaking Grass flower essence offers itself to our work! It's for people having a hard time letting go of their pre-conceived notions of how things have to go. Not that you can't work hard for what you want! No, but there are times when we MUST be able to listen to those who have a different take on things and come to a mutual understanding of what we all need to come to a solution best for the good of the whole.

It's not always a simple matter of I'm right and you just need to understand why! (Or vice versa.) What we think and have experienced is extremely important to share in a group and it is just as important to understand why other people feel the way they do. Quaking Grass can be used both by individuals and by entire groups to aid in harmonious group interaction. It helps people develop a group consciousness that includes diverse individual viewpoints and goes far beyond that. It aids in flexibility and receptiveness, the ability to listen respectfully, remain open to compromise, and look for solutions that are best for the group.

Quaking Grass Flower Essence is available in Reiki-infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pomegranate Flower Essence for Supporting How You Create and Nurture

Pomegranate Flower Essence
I added Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Pomegranate Flower Essence to my Etsy shop earlier this week. But I forgot to write about it so I'm making up for that today. And then I realized that the reason I put off writing this blog post has everything to do with what Pomegranate can be good for! I was torn between going lockstep in the direction of what I thought is best for my business and taking time to nurture additional desires of my heart.

Pomegranate is for women who struggle with committing to the best focus for their inner drive for creativity and nurturance. You can think of the issue as being torn between having and raising children or a career or, perhaps, world service as well. It's not that you have to choose one or the other but —sometimes— you just can't healthfully do it ALL, at least not all the time, all at once! The pressure to be mothers or to "have it all" or to nurture others instead of the desires of our own hearts is an enormous source of stress for women in our modern society throughout our lives, even when we're long past child-bearing age ourselves. My 90 year old mother, for instance, is helping to mother her grandchildren and great grandchildren in her own house. She LOVES it but she sometimes needs support to nurture what she wants, too!

Pomegranate Flower Essence can help you make clear choices and give yourself full permission to follow through. You will probably, at times, have to put one thing you deeply care about aside for awhile to focus on another, but Pomegranate will help you embrace what your deepest, most important choices are wholeheartedly with full commitment.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Flower Essence Relief for the "Daily Grind" -- In Other Words, Feeling like Complaining All the Time!

Mama Love Relief for the Daily Grind
As readers of this blog know, I love my Mama Love flower essence business and the art career I have insisted be a big part of my life (on and off) as long as I can remember. However, I currently have a very unsatisfactory day job I choose to have to support me in my endeavors. Please note: I have never used or thought the phrase "job I choose to have to support me in my endeavors" in regards to this day job before! I'm in the midst of a healing in regards to this situation and the words spontaneously flowed through my typing fingers to replace my normal complaint that the day job is "something I need to keep a roof over my head" -- which isn't entirely true! I could depend on friends and family to help me out but that's not what I want to do. SO healing has been taking place, at least in my orientation. There's the proof!

I've been doing many things in relationship to this healing: an earlier flower essence experiment than the one I plan to write about today, multiple Reiki sessions, counseling with Paul, journal writing, Chinese herbal medicine, applying for a job and looking for others, and lots of naps! But I've also returned to using a flower essence formula I used for a separate purpose many many months ago. Back then I was getting migraines in regards to Trump-induced stress. The migraines went away after a couple of weeks and I eventually stopped using the formula. But, boo-hoo, the migraines returned a few weeks ago in relationship to my day job. Things these two situations have in common? 1) I feel angry and frustrated. 2) I have felt hopeless or powerless, and 3) I want to complain about it incessantly, at least inwardly if not to my friends.

I've been fighting off migraine pain all week, even went home early one day. A couple of days ago I noticed that my headache and nausea would come and go throughout the day and it was CLEARLY related to my stream of thought. When I slipped into unconscious and well-practiced inner complaining, I felt sick. When I interrupted the train of thought to notice that the actual present moment was okay —nothing bad was going on—the pain and queasiness would go away. How's that for a BIG clue?

So this morning I looked up the ingredients for my political stress formula and decided to use it for my job-related headaches instead. Willow is the ingredient that most specifically relates to complaining and the tendency to wallow in one's misery. Beech soothes the intolerance for this day job I've struggled with since the very first day I said yes to it. Impatiens is for being patient with the time it takes to move ahead on one's goals, especially since it has felt like a LONG time already. And because I've applied to an excellent-sounding job but haven't heard anything yet, that stirs up a lot of old built-up despair and hopelessness because of past job opportunities found and then lost. So the Sweet Chestnut in the formula addresses that.

It seems to be working already. I certainly have seen my attitude slowly improve throughout the day! And I KNOW this formula worked super well for me before, so I gave it the name Mama Love Relief for the Daily Grind and made it available in my Etsy shop!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Oregon Grape Flower Essences for the Ability to Trust and Include Other People

Oregon Grape Flower Essence
The issue of feeling alone even with people who care and might deeply love you has been on my mind a lot lately—possibly because of celebrity suicides, and somewhat because I know so many people who suffer from this particular condition. I even did myself when I was a bullied kid at the elementary school when I was growing up! You start to feel like you need to shield yourself from disappointment or abuse even with people who have the potential to become a great friend. But if you push people away, maybe adopt a hostile attitude because you expect the worst, you might even inadvertently inspire people to treat you hostilely in return. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Not only that, you might begin to blame yourself and treat yourself badly as time goes on. Your way of being in the world seems to be engendering a negative response so maybe you deserve the mistreatment? Never true even if your negative expectations are causing you to act in ways that garner you a negative response! You can break this pattern and Oregon Grape Flower Essence can help. Oregon Grape helps you notice people's positive intentions so you can relearn how to trust and let people in again.

You can find Reiki infused dropper bottles and sprays of Oregon Grape Flower Essence at dosage (ready to use without diluting) strength in my Etsy shop.