Saturday, February 06, 2016

Flower Essences -- As Seen in Vogue Magazine!

Photographed by Colin Dodgson, Vogue, May 2015
According to an article in a recent Vogue Magazine, flower essences are the latest "fashion craze"! Well, I never heard that before...but it sounds good to me! The article then goes on to discuss the author's great experiences with them and her belief that it might be nothing more than a placebo effect (but that might be a GOOD thing.)

Well, okay. But I know it is NOT necessarily a placebo effect because, if it was, why would it work so well on pets?

My very first successful experiences came many years ago when a vet prescribed them for my cat Chloe. They worked instantly and the effect progressed and became much more effective over time, transforming a terrified animal who would run from touching to one who would allow it in seconds. IN SECONDS! And then over the course of a week she started to cuddle up to me in bed. Over the course of a month she was a changed animal and over years she became a world class affection-hound! :-) (We loved that Chloe--we miss her!)

Mama Love has been making flower essence products by hand mixed with aromatherapy (smelling good makes healing fun!) since 2003. And I have flower essence only sprays in my shop as well. Infused with Reiki, to be the most beneficial product I can make!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mama Love is at Warm NY

Mama Love is winging its way to New York City as I write this blog post today! Woot! Woot!

A store called Warm NY is going to be carrying Mama Love now. They are my first shop in the northeast to do so and I think it might be an awesome fit.

From their website: "Warm carries thoughtful, hard to find brands who pay attention to the little things that matter... craftsmanship, yummy fabrics, hand made details, small batches, capsule collections, family owned and oriented with an overall focus on being special and good."

They sell clothing and accessories for women, men and kids and also have a very nice sounding home and gift department. You can check them out on Facebook. Or walk into the shop at 181 Mott Street, between Kenmare and Broome.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Special in my Mama Love Etsy Shop

This special replaces one that wasn't quite so good, so rejoice! You get three Mama Love formulas -- the third one is half price.

Visit my Etsy shop to make your choices now.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy is now in Roller Bottles!

Did I announce that I'm offering my Mama Love oil formulas in convenient roller bottles now? I'm sure I did because I was SO excited that my small bottles no longer spill when tipped over!

BUT I often can't get the roller balls into the bottles and when I do it hurts my hands. So every time a customer orders one I'm miserable. And that means I never mention that I offer them anymore.

But that has now changed... for the better!  I just got this silly little lever gadget designed to make it easier.  It's kind of ridiculous, honestly, because the holes are not large enough for the bottles I use. I have to hold them in place with my fingers. But it doesn't matter -- it is still WAY easy! Now I can offer these without feeling bad every time anyone orders one! Hooray!

You'll find these roller bottles as an option when you buy any of the dram sized bottles tied to cards in my Etsy shop. Just choose the 2nd option which is for a slightly larger 5 ml roller bottle when you make your choices. And then enjoy using your Mama Love in a great new way! I also use this style bottle for my triple strength formulas which are perfume strength. Smelling good makes healing fun, right? That's always been the idea behind Mama Love.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Tree Branches in Winter

Art Prints

I've started some new digital art experiments using my photographs of winter trees. This piece represents winter memories, always looking forward to the Spring, the naked branches reaching to the sky representing the world of possibility.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wish Herbal Tea Tasted More Like Tea?

Blackberry Leaf
Then you're like me! Sometimes I really long for a cup of conventional black tea. But I have to be careful about caffeine, especially if I add sweetener. It makes me very spacey and that's no fun. And I happen to love honey with a touch of cream or milk in my black tea.

I've tried many alternatives -- Rooibos and Honeybush is a favorite. But it always felt like there was something missing. And finally I discovered what it probably was: tannins. That is a key ingredient that makes black tea taste like tea!

There are herbal ingredients that have that needed quality I so desire. Blackberry Leaf is my favorite and it is a favorite ingredient in commercial herbal tea blends as well. Red Raspberry Leaf is also a nice choice. Both can be used on their own as a gentle black tea substitute.

Some people, however, like to avoid tannins. They can interfere with the absorption of some prescription drugs and vitamins. And Blackberry and Red Raspberry Leaf still miss another element I associate with black tea that I'd call .... um .... a low tone. A deep note? Earthiness, perhaps? It's hard to describe but you miss it when it's gone!

Chicory Root
For that, I like to add a touch of Chicory. Chicory is better known as a coffee substitute or additive. It's a particular favorite in New Orleans where I grew to love it. I add some to many of my blends:

Not Joe Mama (coffee alternative)
Dandelion Detox
Carob Mocha Mint

It adds just the right amount of earthiness with a touch of welcome sweetness as well.

It's fun to make herb tea blends! I love doing it. If you make your herb tea tasty you might not miss black tea at all.