Thursday, September 14, 2017

Penstemon Flower Essence for Inner Strength in Hard Times

Penstemon Flower Essence Dosage Dropper Bottles and Sprays
It is SO easy to fall prey to feeling sorry for oneself when going through hard times. But what we really need often enough is to have the inner fortitude to persevere and keep going forward as best we can. Penstemon Flower Essence can help. I use it in my Resolve and Determination formula.  But sometimes it is helpful to work with just one flower essence at a time so I just added dropper bottles and sprays at dosage strength (ready to use without diluting) and infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Releasing Pent-Up Emotions with Yerba Santa Flower Essence

Yerba Santa Flower Essence Dosage Strength Dropper Bottles or Spray
I was just adding Yerba Santa Flower Essence, infused with Reiki, in dosage bottle or spray form (ready to use without dilution) to my Etsy shop. And as I did that, I wondered if this was one I could use right now.

Well, yes, of course it is. I had a significant disappointment today on top of a series of disappointments over the last month, and instead of crying—or even acknowledging the pain—I was attempting to carry on in my normal "big girl" kind of way.

And that's a significant problem because in the grip of unacknowledged pain we don't always have the most positive perspective on what to do next or even what might be possible to create! How do you visualize a positive future when you are stuck in despair? You have to let go of the pain!

As an herb, Yerba Santa is specific for respiratory distress. In Chinese medicine, the Lungs and Lung Meridian are thought to be where people store unexpressed grief and despair. And what do we do when we breathe? Literally, we let go of old air, and let in the new. On a metaphoric level, think: "I breathe out old energy; I breathe in renewal."

And that's what Yerba Santa Flower Essence can help you with.

I tried it out, realized that my pent-up grief was telling me exactly what I really wanted to do when I had not been so certain before, and set a positive intention to have that happen as soon as I did! I don't know exactly what my next steps will be yet, but at least I know what direction I would like to head. And that's a significant improvement over where I was earlier this afternoon!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

California Peony Flower Essence for Healing Your Relationship with Money and Abundance

California Peony Dosage Bottles and Sprays infused with Reiki
Celebrate life, celebrate the joy and pleasure of being in a physical body in this place and time! Sure, sometimes times are hard, sometimes it's a struggle. Sometimes when a hurricane is bashing your town or an earthquake hits it's frightening, terrifying, and you just want to scream and cry! And yet, with the right attitude— believing you're in it with many many others in the same boat and that somehow you'll make it through —it can also be a thrill.

California Peony Flower Essence helps with 1st chakra issues related to survival—money problems, personal power—but most importantly, enjoying the pleasure and possibility of being alive. Reveling in it, getting into it, having fun while you experience every minute and bring to life what you most want to experience again and again!

I use California Peony in my Abundant Prosperity formula but I know many people like to work with one flower essence at a time so I just added dosage strength (ready to use without dilution) dropper bottles and sprays of California Peony flower essence infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Lighten Up with Zinnia Flower Essence!

Zinnia Flower Essence, Reiki Infused Dosage Bottles and Sprays
Recently I returned to a day job I hoped I would never need again. Not the happiest situation and yet I'm determined to have a positive attitude about it! So I've been using a combination of Larch, Rock Water, Corn and Zinnia in the water bottle I sip on all day and I'm convinced that the essences combined with my sincere intention has made a significant difference. I notice that I'm amused about things that used to drive me crazy there, that I'm joking about things that didn't seem at all funny before, and that I'm actually enjoying myself much more often and having some fun! 

Those reactions seem more like Zinnia than anything else. Zinnia is great if you have a tendency to be overly serious (I do), have a hard time figuring out how to have fun, or wish to reclaim a youthful, optimistic playful perspective on life. And it's one of the flowers (in addition to Larch) that my inner guidance picks via dowsing for my Mama Love formulas more than any other!

I add it to several flower essence blends in my shop:
Comfort and Joy 
Abundant Prosperity
Renewed Faith and Optimism 

Burnout and Exhaustion Recovery
Energy and Enthusiasm
Doing New Things with Confidence

I love my blends but sometimes using a single flower essence is best so that's why I offer Zinnia Lily Flower Essence infused with Reiki at dosage strength (ready to use without dilution) as well.

Flower Essence Dosage Bottles and Sprays from Mama Love

I've been reorganizing my Etsy shop! Reiki- infused dosage bottles and sprays are now available in the same listing instead of two different sections of my shop. You'll find all my flower essence combination blends here.

I also offer single flower essences in both dosage bottle and spray form in a separate section. Also Reiki-infused!

Reiki-Infused Flower Essences from Mama Love

© 2016 Sheryl Karas
One of the biggest surprises for me in the past year is how popular adding unscented flower essence products to my shop would be. When I first started my Mama Love business about 14 years ago I found it extremely difficult to imagine that I would find a market for flower essence dropper bottles and sprays. And it is still difficult to find retail establishments willing to carry them. That's why I originally added the essences to essential oils and jojoba oil to make a product aromatherapy enthusiasts could enjoy. But flower essences have steadily increased in popularity through the years and, following my inner guidance, I've been slowly adding unscented flower essence only products to my Etsy shop, a few each week. These products have quickly become my most popular offerings!

You can find them in several sections of my shop:

Single flower essences in dosage strength infused with Reiki can be found here. I add more all the time. If a Bach flower or North American flower essence isn't there yet, just ask me! I most likely have it on my shelf and will mix a dosage bottle up for you on demand. Send me a message via Etsy first to make sure I have it and then use this link to pay for it.

Flower Essence blends already combined for specific purposes can be found in this section. You'll find all my original Mama Love formulas in dosage bottle and unscented spray form as well as many new formulas I come up with myself or have had requested.

And finally, if you're big fan and want to buy several bottles at once, you can get bulk discounts here.