Monday, January 15, 2018

Glassy Hyacinth Flower Essence for Help with Horror, Feeling Like You are Looking into the Face of Evil

Glassy Hyacinth Flower Essence
Glassy Hyacinth is for helping to heal deep distress, trauma, grief, loss and pain. It's especially helpful for people who have gone through such a horror show that they feel like they have seen the shadow side of humanity or, worse, the face of pure evil. I think of people who have been tortured, gone through a war, childhood abuse or some other horrific life experience. But it is also a feeling that I have struggled with from time to time just this past year witnessing what has been going on with the Trump administration.

But it's not just Trump! In fact, he's not the real face of evil for me. Trump is a pathetic, sad, mentally disturbed human being. It's the people around him who really terrify me. The Republican Congress gleefully using him to rip up so much we worked so hard to get done over decades while passing hateful agendas that will heartlessly destroy the social safety nets so many of us depend on. The people allowing a mentally deranged man to have access to the nuclear codes while taunting other countries and destroying our relationships with allies we've had for so long! The people who are going to be profiting from the new tax code while robbing the financial coffers that support the functioning of every government agency except the military! The people allowing him to rip families apart and strip Dreamer kids and people who have even been here legally for 20 years from their homes and loved ones.

So I made a flower essence formula for dealing with the dark night of our nation's soul and I added Glassy Hyacinth to it for coping with the horror of it.  Used singly this essence is deeply grounding. It helps me feel like I'm firmly rooted and centered in my heart. In formula, it is starting to help me feel hopeful and positive about our future again. You'll find both in my Mama Love Organics Etsy shop.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Arnica Flower Essence for Recovering Emotionally from Shock, Trauma, or PTSD

© Copyright 2008 Arnica Flower Essence
I have never seen an Arnica plant in the wild that didn't look somewhat disheveled with tattered or missing petals. I'm not sure why that would be true but it is fitting in that this flower essence is used for helping people who have gone through some kind of severe shock or trauma. In such cases, it is not at all uncommon for a person to try to protect themselves by going out of body or by creating a "safe space" in their souls.

The main problem with this is if the person continues to hold the emotional pain at a distance. The impact of these experiences can then pop out at unexpected moments when triggered by incidents that remind you of the original experience. The trigger might be totally benign but it won't feel like it!

Arnica helps the trauma be integrated and actually healed instead of held in the body / mind where it causes physical pain, illness or ongoing emotional distress. 

Reiki infused Arnica flower essence in dosage (ready to use) strength bottles or sprays are now available in my Etsy shop.

Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence for Dealing with Life's Imperfections in a Healthy Manner

Crab Apple Bach Flower Essence
The song lyrics that came to mind when I was about to write this post were "What the world needs now is love sweet love." What does love have to do with Crab Apple Flower Essence? Well, look at the young girl in my illustration: so horrified and obsessed with the mole on her cheek that she can't think about anything else. She feels disgusted with herself, and chances are this will get in the way of her having a positive enough self-image to have the relationships she would like to have at school or out in the world.

People who tend to need Crab Apple are using minor details of their existence to hold themselves back from all kinds of things. They feel unworthy, unclean, vulnerable to the kinds of things most people take in stride. This is the person who compulsively washes their hands over and over or frets about potential dangers like viruses or other people's negative energy to the point of actually making themselves sick.

The hard thing about all of this is that people really do sometimes take on toxicity from other people or their environment. A person who needs Crab Apple might actually have something wrong that needs to be addressed! And Crab Apple, in those cases, can often help them release psychic or physical toxicity they have taken on.

But it can also help you let go of the self-loathing and extreme obsession with imperfection that compels a person to have to have everything just so. It also helps you take these problems more in stride so they don't become more significant than they really have to be.

What do I mean? Well, imagine that your problem is the size of your hand. Now put your hand up in front of your face so close that you can't see or focus on anything else—that's the situation of the person who could use Crab Apple most. The flower essence helps you get more perspective, it helps you pull your hand (your problem or imperfection) further back so you can see more than just your problems.

I just added dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Crab Apple infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Mama Love Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here. It's time to love again! Open your heart to love! Love for yourself and love for others. And even opening up again to your dearest heart's desires. These Mama Love products combine my special Open-Hearted Loving flower essence formula with essential oils in a range of strengths to celebrate the season of love in the most delightful ways!

Love Drunk Flower Essence Aromatherapy Perfume
This swoon-worthy perfume features two kinds of Rose, Jasmine, Oak Moss, Lemon, and Neroli paired with flower essences to enhance the heart-opening emotional profile. It's similar to my Open-Hearted Loving formula (see below) but full strength eau de parfum in a pretty package, perfect for a lovely gift.

Open-Hearted Loving Flower Essence Aromatherapy Triple Strength
My triple strength formula is stronger than my normal aromatherapy products because it is meant to be used as perfume but it is far lighter than Love Drunk. This is an excellent choice for people who love the heart-opening healing effects of my normal Mama Love formulas (see below) but wish for a stronger smelling perfume-like product while staying economical. Open-Hearted Loving uses the same essential oils and flower essences as Love Drunk minus the Oak Moss.

Open-Hearted Loving Flower Essence Aromatherapy Spray
Spray the love around! 
This formula is made of 100% organically grown and ethically wildcrafted botanical ingredients in distilled water with organic vodka as a preservative.

Jasmine, Rose, Lemon, and Neroli essential oils
provide heart-opening and aphrodisiac effects while cultivating a feeling of well-being, light-heartedness and increased self-confidence. Chamomile, Rock Water, Larch, Walnut, and Holly flower essences help relieve tension, encourage a feeling of flowing receptivity, self-confidence and spontaneous self-expression, freedom from limiting beliefs and past conditioning, open-hearted loving and receiving of love.

Open-Hearted Loving Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oil
The same ingredients as the spray formula in a 100% organic skin-soothing jojoba oil base. This is perfect for a heart-opening massage or bath.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Flower Essences for the National Dark Night of the Soul (Trump Presidency)

Support for Political Stress Flower Essence Formula

Do you love Trump and the Republican Congress? Are you gleeful about the daily tweets, animosity, and wrecking ball approach to the social contract? This post is not for you! But if you're like 2/3 of the American people and many more people around the world, this past year has been one massive horror show and, despite your best efforts, you might be having a hard time feeling good about what's coming next.

I'll admit to difficulty with this myself, especially when I know I'm getting too close to the age when even a modest social security check and Medicare / MediCal benefits might be extremely important. And I might like to have clean air and water, maybe be able to visit a National Park or two, avoid nuclear war or even go to bed at night without the latest tear-down of our Democracy playing repeatedly in my head.

On the other hand, I AM feeling hopeful as we head into 2018! Surprisingly, I feel like this horrific time in our nation's history could wind up being the essential thing that woke people up and got them more engaged in sorting things out and standing up for the public good. I could write a blog post or two on that topic alone, but this post is about flower essences so let me tell you about a flower essence formula that I've been using that I know has done me a lot of good.

It's a formula a flower essence enthusiast friend, Ashok Hingorani, suggested to me for recurring migraine headaches. I'd provide a link to his services but he doesn't do this professionally—it's just a passion of his—but I wanted to give credit where it was due. Ashok suggested a combination of Willow (for moving beyond misery), Beech (for tolerating the intolerable), Sweet Chestnut (for despair) and Impatiens (for patience with process and the time things tend to take). It's not an instant cure for migraine (or anything else) but after using it daily for some time, I noticed my headaches were becoming less frequent and didn't reach the level where I needed to reach for my bottle of conventional migraine medicine (ibuprofin, aspirin and caffeine). That medicine works well but upsets my stomach and has scary potential side effects listed on the bottle, so I was very thankful for Ashok's advice.

But then my partner Paul asked for a formula to deal with his angst, anger and pain about the Trumpublican presidency and my dowsing suggested the exact same formula! At first. I've since added Glassy Hyacinth for dealing with the horror of feeling at times like we're looking into the face of pure evil. Yeah, it has felt THAT bad, hasn't it?

So we've both been using this new formula and we both think it has helped shift our attitudes. We're much calmer, less easily triggered by what we read on Facebook, more able to see the positive growth we've been going through, more hopeful about the future, and more pulled towards informative pro-solution oriented reading and promoting of the same.

So I'm making this available in my Etsy shop, made on demand and infused with Reiki. If you've been sick to the point of becoming literally sick about what's been happening, too, give it a try! Maybe it will do you some good as well.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sweet Chestnut Bach Flower Essence for Hope in the Deepest Despair and Angst

Sweet Chestnut Bach Flower Essence, © Copyright 2009 Sheryl Karas
Sweet Chestnut, luckily, is an essence I have not needed to use very often in my life! It's for those deepest darkest times when it seems like all is lost and there is no hope in sight. During one of those times (before I used flower essences very often) I was the woman in this illustration. I went into the woods, my childhood sanctuary, and prayed with the deepest sincerity for help. The words that came were that I "want to go home" although I had no idea what that meant. No place felt like home—I felt like I had no home anymore and nowhere to turn.

Within a short period of time—I think it was less than a week—I had an invitation to live at my ex-husband's house (my old home) while I picked myself up and figured out what to do. We were still friends, still are, and our divorce was never about our ability to live at least as housemates well. Hope returned, and a new journey was embarked on—one my new partner Paul and I are still on.

I didn't use Sweet Chestnut then but I did use the "essence" of what this essence is about. I chose the biggest strongest tree in the deepest darkest part of the forest and asked for help while deliberately standing close to its mighty trunk beneath its branches. I felt calm afterwards, like my prayer would be answered, although I had no idea at that point how.

Looking back, I did not know that the life I was in the process of shedding could be the start of something new. I want to say "better and new" because some significant and much wanted things ARE better but I'm still working with the losses. In fact, Paul and I share some losses that many of us have been working with since the Great Recession crash: loss of a business, loss of an old career, multiple moves, and now deep distress about the run-away government corruption, destruction of so much my generation fought to create, and how that will affect us in years to come. It is a deep dark time in our nation's history for many of us, the darkest time I even know about, never mind experienced. I'd call it a national, occasionally worldwide, Dark Night of the Soul.

We've had some physical effects from this—migraines, stomach pain—so I made up a formula combining Sweet Chestnut (for hope and strength in the midst of despair), Beech (for tolerating the intolerable), Willow (for moving beyond misery) and Impatiens (for the patience needed for events to play out and things to heal). We both think it has helped us move through our feelings about this situation step by step. Paul remarked last night that he has been calmer and less triggered by the news and things he reads on Facebook. I, personally, am less interested in spending quite so much time there (although that fluctuates from time to time). I have tried some of the essences singly as well as in formula. Sweet Chestnut is DEEPLY grounding. But I do like them used together and note that the migraines have been fading away.

I just added dosage strength bottles of Sweet Chestnut infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.
I also added the combination formula listed above.