Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Saint John's Wort Flower Essence is for Bringing Light into the Darkness of Depression and Oversensitivity

Saint John's Wort Flower Essence
The Saint John's Wort flower is like a bright shining light with a center that radiates out in every direction. When thinking about what this plant can do as a flower essence, it helps to start with the idea of illuminating the darkness like the return of the sun on a cloudy day. As an herb, Saint John's Wort is well-known for its effect on depression. And like the herb, Saint John's Wort Flower Essence lights up the soul when the darkness of negativity overwhelms it. But that's not all it's good for.

What's interesting to me about this flower essence is that it is particularly helpful for highly sensitive people who are vulnerable to the negative influences of others. The flower acts like a form of protection. It helps you feel grounded and safe, and that makes it a great tool for people who suffer from anxiety or nervousness, especially in social situations. Imagine it not only filling you with joyful inner light but able to radiate it out to others.

I use Saint John's Wort in my Soothing the Sensitive Soul Flower Essence blend. But sometimes people prefer to work with one flower essence at a time for their specific needs so that's why I offer Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of 
Saint John's Wort Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Pink Yarrow Flower Essence for Loving with Appropriate Boundaries

Pink Yarrow Flower Essence
Pink Yarrow is a valuable flower essence for anyone who feels oversensitive to other people's emotions. Instead of holding steady and calm and able to exude confidence and compassion without harm to themselves, some people are too sympathetic! They take on other people's pain like emotional sponges. Sometimes they find it impossible to distinguish between their own feelings and the pain of others. They hang out with a friend and come home feeling emotionally overwhelmed without knowing why. 

A lot of the time, this is about codependency. In alcoholic or abusive families, some children get by being a weathervane for mommy or daddy's mood. Early in life, being especially sensitive to other people's emotions is a defensive practice. "Maybe if I can make Daddy feel better he won't take his bad mood out on me!" Such children wind up trying too hard to help others feel okay. And within certain contexts, this set of skills can seem so helpful that I actually see it as a type of "occupational hazard." Family caregivers, social workers, therapists, and alternative health providers (to name just a few) can often benefit from Pink Yarrow when working with certain clients. Pink Yarrow helps you restore and maintain appropriate emotional boundaries. It helps you feel grounded and calm around other people's emotional distress. 

I use Pink Yarrow in my Inner Strength and Protection Flower Essence blend but sometimes people need one flower essence at a time for their particular needs. That's why 
I just added Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Pink Yarrow flower essence to my Etsy shop.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Clear Away Negativity with Mountain Pennyroyal Flower Essence

Mountain Pennyroyal Flower Essence
Very sensitive people sometimes find themselves picking up the negative feelings and even the negative thought patterns of the people around them. We all do this to some extent, especially if we're drinking and having a good time. But some highly sensitive people do this all the time, especially with members of their closest peer group. Some people describe this as being a "psychic sponge." You go out in public and come home in a sad mood or unable to shake negative thoughts you didn't have before. Or (more likely) you have negative thoughts you battle on your own but the influence of others magnifies them! You might even think you need to avoid being around other people. But we all can benefit from doing a little mental hygiene.

Mountain Pennyroyal Flower Essence can help with that. It's a powerful cleanser of negative thought patterns and energy. It can help you let go of the psychic debris you unconsciously pick up from other people and develop more inner strength in the presence of others, leaving you positively focused and clear thinking.

I just added Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Mountain Pennyroyal to my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lavender for Spiritual Balance and Calm

Lavender Flower Essence
When most people think about spiritual practices like meditation we usually think it's a way to reduce stress and feel calm. And for most people it can be! But some people take their practice to the point of prematurely opening themselves up to spiritual influences they find too stimulating. Or they might be sensitive souls who tend to get overstimulated easily in the first place, perhaps already open to psychic impressions they don't know how to assimilate. They might have a tendency towards being very mentally active, get overamped and can't settle down and sleep at night. This eventually leads to extreme nervousness and physical depletion.

Lavender Flower Essence shares many of the same benefits of Lavender essential oil. It's wonderful for relieving emotional tension. It can help calm you down if you're wound up or have a hard time sleeping. But Lavender has also been thought of as a mental and spiritual elixir. The purple flowers, the color of the 7th chakra, point to the Heavens and represent mental and, especially, spiritual focus. The flower essence can bring balance to a spiritual practice, allowing you to open gracefully to spirit in balance with your physical needs. It can help you moderate the volume, as needed, on the spiritual energy / psychic input you receive, to relax your mind, and get some sleep.

I just added Reiki infused dropper bottles and sprays of Lavender flower essence to my Etsy shop. It's at dosage strength which means it's ready to use without diluting.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Flower Essences to Assist with Weight Loss

Flower Essence Formula for Weight Loss Support

A few weeks ago I decided to go back on a diet to lose about 20-30 pounds. And guess what? I gained weight instead! Since I know that stress of various sorts can make a person pack on the pounds, I figure it probably plays a significant factor in how easy it is to lose weight. So I decided to make a flower essence formula to support myself (and other people) with our weight loss goals. But first I did some research on how stress affects our weight.

These days people report more stress and anxiety than ever before. According to a new survey by the American Psychiatric Association, 39% of Americans say they are more anxious than they were one year ago (and the number of people reporting high levels of stress and anxiety was troubling back then). The top worries keeping us up at night are concerns about personal or family safety, finances, healthcare, relationships, and politics (which obviously has a significant impact on all the other concerns).

Under stress the body tends to produce adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone it is programmed to think we need to cope with that stress. In the old days we might have needed to run away from a stampeding buffalo or go to battle. And, ideally, you would want to use that adrenaline for the physical activity it was made for. But the stress we feel in our ordinary modern day lives more likely involves dealing with anxiety about something we can’t immediately solve in that way. 

We can’t (or, more accurately, shouldn’t) beat up our hateful abusive boss or leave the situation to go for a quick run! We can’t always find a good job right away if we don’t have one. We can’t (yet) prevent an angry predator from getting a gun and shooting our kids at school. Or stop the police from overreacting to our black friend or relative being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being mistaken for someone else. And we can’t stop our president from creating whatever the political drama happens to be of the day! 

We CAN work on our individual projects or join with others to make change on a societal level step by step. But while we’re in the phase of getting started on that, things remain the same. So instead the adrenaline related to what gets us upset keeps coursing through our bodies, signaling our system to produce cortisol to get us to refuel ourselves for the ongoing fight or flight we must obviously need! 

Cortisol raises your insulin levels, drops your blood sugar, and causes cravings for sugary fattening foods. And giving in to those cravings gives you an instant reward! Sugar makes our body release neurochemicals that make you feel calmer, happier, and less emotionally distressed. So stress eating can easily become an addictive habit, leading to quick weight gain and terrible health problems like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease—to name just a few—somewhere down the road. 

There are, of course, ways to deal with stress and anxiety without grabbing a donut! Healthier food, exercise, meditation, psychotherapy, laughter, at times a good hug. And any stress reduction list of mine will obviously include flower essences and aromatherapy, too!

Flower Essences for a Successful Weight Loss Plan

People who have gained a lot of weight often feel insecure and embarrassed, ashamed of themselves and their bodies. Other people feel socially insecure FIRST and wind up with weight problems because of that. Learning to feel better about yourself, and feeling more confident and secure in social situations, are important parts of releasing the distress that put us on the dieting path and often interferes with achieving success with it. And you really shouldn't ignore the stress-producing conditions of our current lives. I know for sure that I turn to comfort food when I'm stressed out about my day job! And that's just present time distress for the most part. A lot of us also carry distress related to a past history of ridicule or abuse, etc. The flower essences chosen for this formula support you around issues of self-esteem, social insecurity, stress, and related emotions of grief and anxiety due to past or present traumas. 

Mallow . . . useful if you feel embarrassed or insecure socially, or use weight as a barrier to feeling comfortable in the world and making friends. Mallow helps you feel more comfortable in social situations.

Larch . . . useful for those who suffer from self-doubt and low self-esteem. If you worry about being judged about your weight and lack confidence as a result, Larch can help you feel freer to be yourself, have better expectations, and more self-confidence.

Corn . . . is for those who feel stress from the conditions of modern daily life. It helps you feel grounded and more at ease.

Yerba Santa . . . for releasing held back feelings of grief, loss and pain. 

Five Flower Formula (also known as Rescue Remedy): for addressing fear or deep traumas from the present or past that keep you in a state of anxiety or make you turn to self-soothing behavior like eating too much, drugs or alcohol.

My Flower Essence Weight Loss Formula is now available in my Etsy shop.

There are also more specific circumstances that a more general formula would not address. If that's the case for you, you might benefit from a consultation and custom formula instead.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Golden Yarrow Flower Essence for Soothing Oversensitivity, Feeling Inner Strength

Golden Yarrow Flower Essence
Have you ever attended a meditation retreat or an event like Burning Man where you feel so blissfully wide open that when you come back to the outside world you feel overly sensitive, like you're just not ready to cope with it all? Aaagh, the "normal" way we all live feels like WAY TOO MUCH.  You just want hide away or go back on retreat and never come out again because you feel too wide open for the everyday. That's the state of being that Golden Yarrow flower essence can help you with.

Of course, for some people this vulnerability is too often their usual state. Introverts, shy people, artists who work alone, shut-in elderly people often find that they just hate coming out of their protective cocoons at all. Some put on a happy face and fake their way through the day at work if they have to interact with the public. Others resort to alcohol or drug abuse.

Yarrow as an herb has an ability to staunch bleeding. Soldiers used to take Yarrow with them into battle for a feeling of inner strength. As a flower essence, it seems to have a similar effect on an aura that has become too diffuse. It feels to me like coming back together and having a stronger, more protective space around me at all times. And yet it's not like a shell or hard suit of armor. Auras are meant to expand and contract. What Golden Yarrow does is help those who have gotten into the trap of always being wide open—you feel so free! And, yet, so at the mercy of being blindsided by unexpected upsets. Golden Yarrow helps you come back into your own skin, to feel an inner strength and cohesiveness so you can go out into the world and feel less vulnerable in social situations.

I use this flower essence in my popular Inner Strength and Protection Flower Essence blend. But some people prefer to work with one flower essence at a time so I just added Reiki infused Golden Yarrow as a single flower essence at dosage strength (ready to use without diluting) to my Etsy shop.