Friday, September 23, 2005

I've Got Mail

Well, I can see you guys aren't into the concept of blogging just yet. Not too many comments in the comments section but that's ok because I haven't had any time to respond. Still, I have gotten private emails -- thanks for the website advice, you guys! -- and a few questions about my perfume. I thought I'd share these and my responses here:

Question 1: I bought two of your "perfumes" while on vacation in Thermopolis, WY. [Imagine my surprise to receive this just a few weeks after I visited there myself!] What is it about your products that give you the brain shift? I found this with the "Balanced Caregiving". It actually felt like my neurons were changing and I started to react differently than before. I reach for the vial often....

Reply: I love how you describe what happens with Balanced Caregiving. I'm actually in the middle of writing a book I hope will help people understand this phenomena in detail. When your body/mind is under stress it produces (or fails to produce) neurochemicals that we use for healthy emotional and physical balance. This is just a theory -- but I believe that flower essences and essential oils trigger the body to correct this neurochemical imbalance ... which we, of course, would be able to do ourselves if we could get ourselves out the damaging or depleted emotional state to begin with. But it's just a trigger -- it's our own brains that do the work. The amount of flower essence and essential oil I use doesn't have any clearly detectable amount of neurochemical in it. I think it works energetically...that is to say, on the level of electrons and the like.

Question 2: Are any of your Mama Love perfumes appropriate for men?

Reply: Well, I was thinking that women were more likely to use them but there are a few that I think men would especially like. Manifesting Life Purpose has a really nice grounding smell that I think of as more "male" (although it's one of MY personal favorites to wear myself). I also think Restful Sleep is pretty unisex-- it's musky and deep (nothing light and sweet about that one!) Focussed Attention (this used to be called "Creative Focus") smells like cinnamon and vanilla. I personally LOVE that smell on men. And Trusting Inner Guidance, which has a woodsy character from the Sandalwood, is also pretty unisex.

Question 3: Which are your most popular perfumes?

Reply: That depends on the context. Because I do spiritual counseling and healing work people tend to come to me when they are in some kind of distress or life change. The ones that people buy most from me are Troubled Times, Restful Sleep and Manifesting Life Purpose. But when I brought them to my African dance class last week all anyone wanted was Heart-Centered Sexuality! Go figure.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What a Strange Strange Trip It's Been

Okay, it's been a couple of months since I put my first post up. Guess I'm not much of a blogger but guess what? I've been too busy....making and selling perfume!

It's not at all what I expected. When I put my website up almost three months ago I hoped for more spiritual counseling, medical intuition and energy healing clients. I wanted to sell perfume, too, but that's just been something I've been doing on the side. Well, not any longer!

I sold 10 perfumes the very first few days and a few weeks later the person who bought them asked if I did wholesale. I said "yes" (not knowing what I was getting into) and the next thing I knew I had sold 6 dozen to her! Thank you Alice Wong in San Gabriel, CA! (If you live down there and want to smell my perfumes, try them in person, and buy them from her, let me know and I'll get you in touch with her.) I chose to get my packaging done right to support her order, decided I better get labels for my bottles and discovered that my previous method of doing my packaging -- printing them on my home computer and cutting things by hand -- was absolutely nuts if I was going into the wholesale business. So this experience launched a thousand ships so to speak.

I took all the money I received and invested it into getting my packaging and labels professionally printed. Thank God I did that! I never would have been ready for what happened next!

A friend invited me to go white water rafting in Thermopolis, Wyoming where she was river guiding in the Wind River Canyon. I had never gone river rafting before and I really wanted to do that but when the time came to make travel arrangements I really didn't feel like I had the money. But I went anyway, hoping that somehow I would find a way. I brought perfume just in case I found an opportunity but didn't really know what to expect. Well, I sold enough perfume and did enough sessions with people who found out about me through my perfume -- thank you, Jaffy, for setting up an event for me! -- to pay for the whole trip including $200 of unexpected trip expenses. Yahoo! If you're ever in Thermopolis, WY (home of the world's largest hot springs -- who knew?) say hello to Sarah at Nature's Corner at 503 Broadway right in the center of town. She carries Mama Love Healing Perfume Oils now and is a really great person to boot!

I came home from the trip thinking "I could say yes to this more often. But next time I don't want to just make trip expenses. I want to make double that amount, enough for the trip and the same amount in my pocket."

I came home to an invitation from my friend Katie Viren to participate in the Pagan Pride festival she was helping to organize in Bellingham, WA. I said Yes! Just what I want to try next. And it was great. Even though it was not a very well-attended event (it was their first one) I met great people, did memorable sessions with folks there, sold Solstice Evergreen books (about the pagan origin of the Christmas Tree) and sold lots of Mama Love. I had a great time visiting with Katie -- for those of you who know her, she's doing fine. And I now have my perfumes in several more stores --
Wise Awakening metaphysical gift store at 314 E. Holly and Dragonfly Fine Gifts at 126 W. Holly Street in Bellingham, the gift shop at Shasta Vortex Adventures in Mt. Shasta, CA and at the Dragon's Lair at 101 So. Main Street in Ukiah, CA.

I came home with EXACTLY what I said I wanted -- double the money I made on the first trip (half for trip expenses and half for me.) The power of intention is a pretty mighty thing.

Since I got home I've just hit the ground running. I'm going home to New England for the first two weeks of October for my birthday and a good hit of fall foliage. While I'm there -- in addition to attending a wedding and visiting friends and family -- I plan to be a vender at Western Mass.'s Pagan Pride Festival and to visit stores out there. I've been working like crazy to get my inventory back up and wound up selling to three stores in the local area as well. If you're from Santa Cruz you can now find Mama Love Perfume at Way of Life at 1210 41st Ave in Capitola, at the General Store at Costanoa Coastal Retreat Center in Pescadero and at Body & Soul Day Spa in Half Moon Bay.

It's been a wild ride so far and it's only just begun.