Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Beginning of a New Healing Partnership

It's extremely unusual for healers to work in tandem. Despite our best intentions for creating community most health practitioners find themselves operating a solitary practice, going it alone without input from other people on a day-to-day basis. Unlike burgeoning psychotherapists, doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals, there is no internship program or supervision for psychic / spiritual consultants and energy healers. There is no advisory board to help you think about difficult cases, no one who watches you work who can guide you to be the best support person you can be without taking on too much, and no one to run to when your own mixture of hope and fear starts to creep up despite your training and best efforts.

It's a challenging road to be a fairly mainstream person in a very non-mainstream career. It either takes a strong streak of showmanship (I don't have that), a lot of chutzpa, or the ability to channel the inner peace of a devout Buddhist to keep one's head out of the slings and arrows of one's own socially-influenced psyche.

That's why it was such an amazing experience to have my guides hook me up with my current heartmate -- twin flame -- and healing partner Paul Hood. We met when I went to Bellingham, WA to visit my friend Katie and try my hand at doing readings and selling Mama Love Perfume at the local pagan festival. We parted ways and probably thought we'd never see each other again but several months later, when I was in the midst of the upside down Christmas Tree controversy (see earlier entries below), I found myself thinking about him and looked him up online. I told him what was going on, he visited my blog page and added his two cents, and I couldn't believe how what he said dovetailed with the things I had been writing about for an upcoming book of mine. We kept a daily email conversation up for weeks after that, found that we shared too many thoughts and feelings and life experiences in common to blame on coincidence, and started to get daily guidance and pushes from my spirit guides to get together in person and find out how we might help each other.

So we made it happen. Paul came to Santa Cruz. We really liked getting to know each other, and then we asked for practice clients to help us find out how and if we might work together as practitioners. Fourteen people responded in two weeks! The sessions were enormously enlightening, powerful and exciting for us, we learned a lot, had great results, and as time went on we found ourselves working together like old hands. So we told the universe "Yes! We're ready to go!," Paul moved to Santa Cruz, and we began a wonderful new adventure.

At this point we have no idea where this journey will lead -- we're exploring a wide range of possibilities. But one thing is certain -- it's really great when you have a friend you admire and respect by your side.

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