Friday, January 26, 2007

The Mysterious Ways We Get What We Need

Helping people take a peek at how they have been kept from receiving what they want because they were afraid of the consequences has been a big part of the sessions we've done in the last couple of weeks. To avoid manifesting our seemingly scary heart's desires we can attract experiences that ensure we won't have them -- mysterious illnesses that don't respond to any other treatment, strange side trips to other countries that don't work out the way we plan (don't ask us about that), all kinds of magical mishaps... that only seem worth describing like that in retrospect. We're creative and powerful beyond belief and, in conjunction with our Higher Power, can attract experiences that match either our fears or desires or, quite often, both in the most amazingly accurate ways.

An example from our own lives: I was taught in my family of origin to be overly afraid of making a bad impression. So, in the spirit of trying really hard to avoid that, I decorated our office with candles with the intention of creating a really inviting first impression. Notice that the intention is mixed here -- it's fear of looking bad masked by positive intent. So what happens? I fail to notice that my altar space is directly under the only smoke detector in that side of the house and I set it off at the beginning of every session until I give up! The great news is that, because of the humor in which we handled that situation, we actually did wind up making a reasonably great impression, and got people to laugh and loosen up about what they could expect. In a really funny way we actually did get what I asked for.

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