Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Angels Among Us

Sometimes people get so enamored of the help and healing possible when we turn our attention to "the other side" that we forget that we're ALL aspects of God in human form. We're all angels to another person in some way or another.

The deepest, most life-transforming guidance, for me, hasn't always come from "angels on high." God provides what we need everyday—most frequently through the most mundane means possible.

My guides are fond of saying "You are not alone." And, quite frequently, Paul and I find that when we need it most an "angel in the flesh" will come to tell us exactly what we need.

The other day my dear friend and very down-to-earth engineer ex-husband came to Paul and me and said "I feel it's very important to tell you something" and then proceeded to help us in the precise way we needed at that particular time.

The day I got married to John an angel in the flesh intervened in a most significant way. I was shaking in my boots and feeling queasy and sick, waiting in the parking lot of a supermarket in Vermont while John was inside getting last minute items we needed for our very homemade wedding. I was getting cold feet and literally thought I wouldn't be able to make it through the ceremony that was very close at hand. A woman who looked EXACTLY like my beloved massage therapist back in Massachusetts came up to me and asked if anything was wrong. I explained what was going on and she said "Everything is going to be alright." If it had come across as a placating remark "Dear, dear, everything is going to be alright" I wouldn't have felt guided from on high. Instead she said it with conviction, looking directly into my eyes as if she really knew...and I settled right down.

Everything did not go perfectly as planned that day. It rained so the romantic outdoors wedding we hoped for moved into the tent we rented just in case. And it was so cold, dark and gloomy in there that we wound up moving inside the barn next door. There wasn't even enough room in there for people to gather around in a circle as we hoped but everyone pulled together to make it all work out. We had the sweetest wedding ceremony and have wedding pictures of our guests singing to us from the haylofts. It was a special day and, even though 20 years later we're now divorced, the wedding day was great and everything—including the relationship (we're still great friends)— did turn out alright.

More recently, Paul and I have been wishing we could meet someone doing similar work to what we do who is succeeding at making a living from it. Our closest role models have nest eggs set aside, husbands who support them, or day jobs doing entirely different work on the side. And maybe we will, too, but we're still finding our way and don't know quite what to expect.

A friend sent us a link to a video on youtube about a guy who held up a sign to passers-by offering free hugs. Here's the link: . It was so sweet and inspiring. Just the lift we needed...but then it went several steps further. Paul went to the website of the person who posted this video and felt guided to watch one of the videos people posted to this site thanking the producer for his work. The one he picked was done by a woman who said she made her living as an "angel communicator." It was very sincere and sweet but there was no internet link to her website. So Paul tracked her down and discovered to his surprise that not only did she have a sweet, sincere yet very professional-seeming website, she had a notice saying she was booked with clients several months ahead.

Her name is Ann Albers ( and, like us, she provides spiritual guidance and healing for people using input from her angels and guides. Paul wrote to her "How did you come to be so successful at that?" and she wrote a long supportive and detailed letter back. Apparently she started the same way we have--relatively unknown and not knowing how to start out. She followed her angels' advice--that she be grateful for the opportunity to do this work she loved, that she send out the intention that the people who she could best serve find her, and that she was willing to receive for sharing her love and support. And people came and found her loving self so infectious they recommended her to other people and kept coming back.

Just what we asked for. And just what we needed to hear.

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