Monday, February 26, 2007

The Real Value of Medical Intuition

Many years ago a medical intuitive (a psychic who can intuit the cause of medical problems) saved my life.

I was sick with symptoms that my doctors couldn't unravel -- heart palpitations, high anxiety, spaciness and a physical hunger that couldn't be filled. I felt like I was starving all the time, was gaining enormous amounts of weight and had no energy at all. I couldn't function and each day it got worse. I thought, perhaps, that I had diabetes—hypoglycemia runs in my family and the symptoms seemed to mimic that. But medical tests found nothing wrong and had nothing to offer except the suggestion that maybe it was all in my head.

They were wrong. . . . and, on another level, completely accurate.

A medical intuitive suggested I might have multiple food allergies -- in particular to wheat and dairy. Easy enough to test...I just gave up my favorite foods for a week (damn!) and in no time I was back to normal. That's the purely physical part that my doctors never even thought to look into and what most people think a medical intuitive diagnosis is all about.

But that's really just the beginning: How did I wind up with multiple "allergies" in the first place? I wasn't born that way! And how could I heal myself of this condition? Does it make sense that God would create a world where people become allergic to their favorite foods and then have to live the rest of their lives afraid of what's in everything they eat?

I wasn't willing to accept that!

The real value in a medical intuitive consultation is in examining how our emotions, beliefs and spiritual lessons manifest in physical form. Remember "The Law of Attraction" and the really basic information contained about that process in "The Secret"? What "The Secret" forgot to mention is that we don't just manifest physical representations of what we focus on in our outer lives—we manifest it in our bodies as well.

And that's the rub. Most of what we manifest in physical form on a daily basis is mostly unconscious and symbolic. We don't think "I have an allergy to wheat and dairy" and develop an allergy to wheat and dairy. We think "I don't have what I need—I'm STARVING for love, affection, money, homeland security, whatever it happens to be" and then we manifest symptoms that mimic that.

Dairy—mother's milk, sustenance, mama holding me, mama loving me. A baby's primitive associations with mother's love stay with us the rest of our lives. If we develop a chronic pattern of feeling deprived of love and physical affection such as a mother provides long enough at any time in our lives this can sometimes manifest as an "allergic reaction" to dairy. A sensitivity really—we tell ourselves we "can't get what we need" in this area of our lives and the body acts out the message by refusing to adequately digest the physical substance associated with that "request." "I can't get enough mama love in my life" translates to "I can't digest milk."

Same thing with wheat. We think "I've got to get me some 'bread'" when we mean money in this culture. We talk about "breaking bread" when we talk about feeding ourselves, especially in regards to home life and community. We break bread in the security of our homes. In this country we take that symbolism even further. The "bread bowl" of this country—the Midwest—is also known as the "heart land." Homeland security, "amber waves of grain," all the same thing--symbolically speaking. When we have a lot of insecurity about our home life throughout our lives—if our bodies use the symbology I've just mentioned—a wheat allergy can become the result.

Does this come across as crazy? It did to me when I first heard it. But by the time I was dealing with these allergies I had seen too much evidence for its validity to reject the possibility out of hand. For example, a friend came over and her face had broken out in a rash and she didn't know why. I asked her what was going on in her life and she said "I'm expecting to have this big confrontation with my boss and I just CAN'T FACE IT!" I met another person who had just had a heart attack. Her husband had died only a week before and, to put it mildly, she was completely "heartbroken."

And in my own life, I KNEW the wheat and dairy diagnosis made sense. Was I feeling bereft of affection, financial and homeland security? Oh yeah! I was just in the process of getting divorced, I knew my current home life was endangered, I was afraid that I couldn't make it on the divorce settlement we agreed upon, and I was feeling lonely and scared and sad. And this set of feelings connected to childhood issues I experienced throughout my life. I, basically, just wanted a mama to hold me, take care of me, and make it all right and, as an adult, really didn't expect that I could have that. Wheat and dairy, nurturance and homeland security were all lacking at the same time.

I worked on it with energy healing and emotional counseling—using a similar approach to what Paul and I use today—and step by step all the physical sensitivities went away.

I didn't have to "believe" in anything to have the process work. But I did have to take my intention to heal seriously enough to give the process a fair trial. I started with one of the allergies the psychic I had consulted said was "minor"—an allergy to corn. It worked. I tried it again (cat allergy, this time). It worked again. I did the process for a friend. It worked for him! Some of the sensitivities went away in a weekend. The cat allergy was simple enough to address. It had started VERY recently and was easily traced to a specific situation where cats were being allowed to come between me and my ex-husband in bed. Not hard to read the symbolism and see the distress inherent there, given the divorce that came soon after!

The dairy allergy cleared out in about a week with several sessions addressing multiple layers of feeling deprived over time. The wheat allergy, however, hung on for months and took multiple sessions with lots of twists and turns. Way too much to dive into thoroughly here but, suffice it to say, it went back to early childhood, issues related to my father and all sorts of childhood associations I had with leaving the current male figure under my roof. I'd heal the wheat sensitivity and then recreate it the very next day. I still manifest symptoms on occasion but now I see the distressed belief process that leads to this condition clearly and can address it through manifesting a more positive and, therefore, more powerful set of beliefs in just a minute or two. It's recognition of the pattern and choosing another thought. That's it. You can heal yourself just like that... once you get the hang of it.

That's the true value of a medical intuitive reading. It doesn't just address the physical aspects of your distress. It looks at everything. . . and that allows it to be addressed appropriately from all angles, medical, nutritional, psychological and spiritual.

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Mirit said...

Yes, I agree, the true value of a medical intuitive reading is finding what lies beneath the physical. Nice blog.

Mirit Eder-Turley CMI, LMT