Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thoughts and Feelings about Manifestation

Two conflicting current teachings:

1) The popular one, currently touted by "The Secret" and many others, is to manipulate the future by purposely visualizing what you want to create, imbuing that desire with love and joy and gratefulness, etc, etc., and allowing yourself to receive it.

2) Allow God to make choices for our highest interest, surrendering to the process, stop manipulating and trying to control things. In other words: let go and let God.

How does one resolve this conflict?

My guides say: There is no conflict here. What part of saying what you want conflicts with letting God do the rest?

Sometimes I'm afraid of what "the highest good" is going to turn out to be and afraid to ask for what I want. You know the old saying "Be careful what you wish for?" I've learned that sometimes what I've wished for has come with harder lessons attached than I expected.

I once wished my house mate would appreciate my presence more and even visualized him saying how thankful he was that I was around. So be it. A few days later I wound up taking him to the emergency room twice. He was alright, just needed fluids and a little bed rest, and while I was getting him more comfortable back in his own room he said—word for word— what I had wished I'd hear coming out of mouth.

I was amazed —and horrified. I didn't intend for my wish to bring anybody harm, even temporarily. The scientist would say I didn't harm anybody. It was just a coincidence. But I live with so many "coincidences" every day I no longer feel that way.

How does a person who manifests things regularly and miraculously live with the consequences of that, especially in light of the example above?

My guides say: Of course, that's hard. It hurts when somebody appears to suffer because of a dear wish of our own. Add the lines to your intentions that "wishes be granted with harm to none."

What about wishes that come true and wind up being something I wished I never wished for, the ones that come with hard lessons because the wish itself was centered in fear or greed or a vastly limited perspective? Those things usually can't be anticipated in advance or they wouldn't be wished for in the first place.

My guides say: You need to listen to your hearts more. What do you most desire? Freedom from want or pain? It's not the shiny new automobile—it's transportation. It's not the specific lampshade–it's directed light. I want "light" shone on a situation is way different from focusing on the specific way that light gets shone. You CAN decide I want this specific thing to occur in this specific way but you'll wait forever while the universe is arranging it unless you add the tag line "or something a lot like this or even better."

I had a desire for a new boyfriend that took 8 years to manifest and each time I asked about it my guides would say "he's coming soon."

Guides: He couldn't manifest so soon because you had plans he would have interfered with, he wasn't ready, you weren't ready. And you didn't want just ANY boyfriend—you had a long laundry list this guy was to possess. You sometimes HAVE to wait.

Yeah, I didn't want to waste my time and heart with someone who wasn't right. I didn't like dating enough to do that. I tried a few dates with people I met online and decided I'd rather be using my free time writing a book, designing a tarot deck, going to my dance and marimba classes, and hanging out with my current friends. I chose a very specific way that meeting this guy was supposed to happen—in the course of doing activities I'd be doing anyway—not dating. And that's what happened.

I just asked my guides if there was something else they wanted to add.

They said: You're so hard on yourself. You're not to blame for the sun shining or going behind a cloud. If it's not in the highest service of mankind it won't happen. Sometimes things from your human perspective "happen" that appear to be "bad". That's not how it is from "on high". Everything has a purpose and a place from the perspective of guiding human evolution. EVERYTHING.

It's not in your power, in any one person's power, to run the whole show. You can't manipulate others to do your bidding unless they choose that for themselves on some level. You can't force a man to change his daily activities, get sick and need medical care on your behalf. He made his own choices. You happened to be there at the right time and place to allow the change you BOTH needed to happen.

You also tend to, by rote but also belief, intend that the best outcome—the highest good for all concerned— be served. Sometimes that means that experiences you don't appear to deserve have exactly the consequences you desire. And then you take your evolution further and say "I want to enjoy this manifestation process—I don't just want this specific outcome, I want the process of it manifesting to not just be the "best for all concerned" in the highest sense but in the delightfully specific human sense as well." Respecting YOURSELF as a higher being with choice to play in the PROCESS is part of the plan for your growth as beings on the planet as well. "Let's have fun together! Let's make this a joyride every step of the way! I want to see my dreams manifest like gang-busters!" . . . and then you'll learn from that.

Hmm, hmmm. For some reason I hesitate to think we'll necessarily like the immediate results of that either.

Not completely.

There's more to learn on the manifestation path.

Recently, I had the realization that if my practice with Paul wound up just being about telling people to focus on sweetness and light and gratefulness and just on getting what each individual wanted in the same way all the time—if we were going to be parroting and working with "The Secret" type material over and over again—I was going to be really, really bored and unsatisfied. Eventually. I would like to see some people, including ourselves, succeed at changing some very specific things—like our incomes, our health and prosperity. But there's another voice saying "Is that all there is—getting things me and my friends want?"

I'm a little afraid of the implications this line of thinking may be taking me. . . do we manifest wars to ward off boredom?

No, it's usually about "stuff"—personal freedom, responsibilities, happiness, the pursuit of the American way. Whatever it is, it's about stuff. I see you and your family members struggling to manifest material goods for the highest good. You need to TRUST the process before manifesting the belief you will be able to hold back the tides of change and make things improve once and for all for ALL beings on the planet. (This one, at this time, at least.) The game never stops being played. WE LOVE YOU! STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY THE RIDE/BATTLE/PLAY DATES and such. It's all the same game playing device in place. You set things in place, recognize the consequences of your actions, and use the same manifestation process to choose a happier set of parameters. It's the way things get done on a grander scale as well as in personal day-to-day living. Be prepared for a change in the American way. It becomes possible to manifest a much larger domain of thought and —from "up here" that's the way the game needs to unfold. We start you off manifesting the small stuff and work up gradually to manifesting change in the world around.

We've been asking for that.

You've been demanding it. So now it's yours.

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