Friday, March 16, 2007

More on Belief and Wanting to Challenge "Hegemonies"

In my blog entitled "When we can heal you and when we won't" I mentioned that many people wanting us to "heal" them actually want to avoid standard medical care and we won't do that. We don't think it's ethical. And we've been guided time and again not to do it. Why? Why not challenge the American medical system and all it stands for? After all, we don't love that ourselves.

The secret lies in the request. Or should I say "The Secret"?!

The people who are asking don't expect to be "healed". They want to make a statement but they're hiding that true request by asking "can you heal me?"

That creates a dilemma. Yeeeaaaahhh. . . . we can theoretically heal anyone with God's assistance if it's in the highest interest for all concerned but they're not asking for that. They want to make a statement and we can't honor THAT request. Because western medicine isn't the problem. How it's expressed frequently can be -- we grant you that. But, in itself, western medicine has been a blessing more than it's been a curse. You'd be surprised at how many people you know would be dead right now without penicillin. I might be one of them. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So could we have helped the young man upset about the hegemony who called recently asking if we could heal his knee? Maybe. But we were guided to say no, not this way. Not if you want guaranteed results.

And that's the other game people play. They want us to guarantee that we can help them when they won't accept our guidance to see their doctors first. That means they are first and foremost refusing the gift of healing that was offered. They're not really interested in healing above all else. They want it performed with such and such a condition in place. That means they're not saying "YES."

But they want guaranteed results. A set-up we're guided away from.

If you want to test us, test us right. Say "I came here to be healed by any way possible. I will participate fully. I will put my self-conceived conceptions about what real healing has to be in order to be acceptable away. And I will at least accept the possibility that I should do what the guidance suggests I should do. And I'll try it out!"

You will be told to go to doctors, acupuncturists, homeopathists ONLY when it's the best way possible for you to achieve your goals given where you are at in your life today. Tomorrow you could heal your problem another way. But today, if the answer is "see your doctor," do us a favor and don't berate us for not being "true" healers. As far as I'm concerned, no true healer guarantees results in all cases. Sometimes it's not in the highest interest for the healer to be the instrument of the real healing that needs to occur. Your relationship with the medical establishment and what's right and not just wrong about it perhaps. Karma, lessons you have to learn that you wouldn't learn any other way, perhaps a lesson your society needs to accept. (That we can't poison our food, our water, our airspace without effect, for example.) And many other lessons as well.

It would be pretty exciting to heal everyone who walks in the door. But is it right to do that? Even if it means that you'll just go home, resume doing whatever created the condition in the first place, have your symptoms come back and feel distrustful of healers forever more? I don't think so. Maybe we COULD heal, at least temporarily, everyone who comes in . . . but until our guidance says so -- and our hearts agree -- we can't. More on this, I'm sure, will come.

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