Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So What is Energy Healing Good For?

To read our blogs the last couple of days you would think that Paul and I aren't all that enamored with energy healing at all. All we do lately is wonder about why we're doing it and when and if we're not. And coming to the conclusion that -- by itself -- energy healing isn't the most important thing. Reiki, in particular. You put your hands in a particular location, bide your time for five minutes or so until you feel the energy stop flowing, and move to another location. Over and over, for a full hour or more. Sigh. Yawn.

I'd rather you did it yourself. That's why this healer is more interested in combining spiritual healing with spiritual counseling and teaching.

But why has energy healing had a place in our lives at all? What has it shown us as healers? That's what I want to focus on in this blog entry today.

When I look back on my years as a healer I think the biggest impact it has had on my life has been in the area of my own spiritual development. I didn't believe or disbelieve in this stuff way back then. I was agnostic on this issue, you could say. When I met Jeanine Sande, my Reiki teacher (visit her website at http://www.lightenyourway.com/lyw/index.cfm), I was in a "show me" frame of mind. Curious but not overly interested, just wondering about it all. She did a really grounded down-to-earth presentation about Reiki and then went around the room giving everyone who attended a taste of it for 5-15 minutes. People seemed happy. They'd get a sweet relaxed smile on their faces and when Jeanine got to me I expected the same.

But what happened instead blew me away. I didn't just feel happy and relaxed. I had a very palpable sensation of something -- a flow of energy really is the only was to describe it -- flowing down from where her hands were on my shoulders to my hands. And then my hands got hot and felt like they were glowing. "What was that?!" I asked her and she responded that I must have natural healing ability and the Reiki awakened it.

Interesting. Now I was really curious. So I took her class. And in that class I got tangible proof that this energy was actually worth something! It made me feel so blissful and happy and peaceful. Both when I received a treatment from my fellow students and when I was doing the healing. That was worth the price of admission alone. And, frequently, that's all anyone uses Reiki for—to aid in relaxation and letting go in a massage therapy session. But Jeanine made it clear that Reiki could be used to do so much more.

Now this is where Reiki differs from the healings done at those evangelical tent shows. Reiki is a gentle approach. People who receive it don't receive such a jolt of spiritual lightning that they fall writhing to the floor, start speaking in tongues, and leap up shouting "I'm healed!" With Reiki, healing can take multiple weeks with significant changes occurring incrementally every time. Or it can lead to overnight success. I've experienced both and it seems that it only does what a person is ready for and, for where I was at in my development as a healer, that suited me just fine.

And when my client doesn't expect the lightning bolt from the sky approach I still prefer it and feel just fine. I've experienced an overwhelming spiritual opening before -- the kind where everything you used to believe doesn't make sense anymore and you can't tell whether you're losing your mind or finally coming to your senses. It's not fun. It's scary. I don't want to do that to someone else without their permission. It's one of the things that has held me back—the belief that I could do someone harm. But now I know that intention is the key. I intend only the best, I intend that the healing only be beneficial. I was taught that Reiki, at least, is incapable of being anything but beneficial and I think, that if I'm respecting the needs of the client and not over-ruling them by my desire to knock their socks off as a healer, I can't do any harm.

But that's the key. A certain number of people want a healer to knock their socks off or they think it's not real. Other people run away screaming or get on the table and resist with all their might. Neither one of those kinds of people tends see a great deal of effect. They're both resisting real healing in some way because they demand it to be something intense when it shouldn't be or they're afraid it will be intense and they don't want it.

The most receptive clients, it seems to me, are those who don't expect "miracles" but are willing to accept that they might exist. My friend Linda put a comment in Paul's blog (http://paulhood.blogspot.com/) yesterday that the realm of miracle-making isn't in believing or in jumping on some spiritual bandwagon, but rather in letting go of "not believing." It allows for awakening, it allows you to be shown the way. Step by step if need be. Or in a really dramatic way.

But I don't know which way it will go for every client before we get them on the table or into our room. People sometimes want us to tell them what we can do for them in advance. And I would, too, if I were in their shoes. "Is this session going to be worth the price of admission? Will you heal me in the way I define healing today?" I wish I could tell them "Absolutely!" But most of the time people's definition of what healing has to be limits what we can do over time. If they want to stand up at the end of the session and yell "Hallelujah!" at least.

This is the role the energy healing has played in my life:

It woke me up. In nice easy chunks. It helped me experience on a tangible physical level the power of something beyond my belief. As I said, at the beginning I didn't believe or disbelieve but I was willing to see for myself what was so.

And the result of that is that I still don't "believe." I don't have to. I KNOW because I've experienced tangible results first hand over and over. The way scientists come to expect something to be true. By testing it and getting verifiable results. Over time. . . and now and then, literally, overnight. So now I have a new expectation that includes something powerful I didn't know was true before. A knowledge that there is an intelligence beyond my physical self that I am part of or, at least, intimately connected to. Something I could channel but not control. And it works by intending it and then allowing it to happen alone.

It also taught me to be a better counselor and intuitive. In the past I might have mistrusted a random thought that popped into my head. But when I get people on the table and feel the result of what I picked up intuitively through my hands as well, and then my client in their much more relaxed unguarded state verifies it, well, the healing can then just flow. And the insights we gain become part of what we address. The issues being addressed become conscious for the client and, together, through both counseling and healing, we can make progress. Significant successes. Incrementally and, given how it was achieved, miraculously done. Every time.

Every time.