Friday, March 16, 2007

When we can heal you and when we won't

Today I asked my guides about some questions Paul and I have had lately about doing our practice. We're turning away people to their doctors all the time. And that bothers us both because we do healing work. Why are we being guided to send people elsewhere?

My guides said:

We do not believe it is in anyone's interest for an inexperienced psychic to heal unconditionally.

Inexperienced? We've been practicing Reiki masters for years. Are you saying we're inexperienced?

You have been on some levels and not on others. We'll address that. Keep writing.

What are the conditions?

1) "I don't believe in psychic healing -- prove it to me." Sorry, if that's the underlying motivation you're going to fail.

Why? . . . I know why. Because there is a clash in underlying belief. The healer is using nothing more than belief-inspired intention to heal. If the client has the opposite belief the contest is really going to be about who has the stronger belief system and consensual reality will tend to win. (At least until the healer gets to a certain level of confidence, I guess. I, personally, hate playing these games.)

2) The client must be prepared to address the underlying condition leading to his/her illness or accident or life situation or the healing won't have any lasting effect.

What about "experienced" psychics? What do they do?

They tell the client: Work with me! You need to 1) get out of your own way and work WITH us or not be here. And 2) you will be taken on a ride of mystical proportions involving looking at products of your psyche you recite by rote, looking at products of conventional wisdom you've learned to accept without question, forced to consider, maybe, that your family or work life isn't acceptable as it is -- or that your negative attitude towards perfectly good situations has to be addressed.

I know. That IS what we try to do.

That's the part you're not so inexperienced at.

But it's frustrating. Most people find it hard to believe that what we're saying is going to do them any good. "What do you mean, I have to give up my desire to "xyz" before the pain I'm having disappears? Can't you just wave your magic wand and do it for me?"

Not without karmic consequences.
This one Paul knows about.

When Paul first started as a healer he had amazing confidence that he could heal anything and he did amazing work. But that backfired again and again. People got scared and shunned him (Paul is as sweet and unscary as it gets.). They reinjured themselves. And on at least one occasion, when Paul pushed the envelope on conventional wisdom just a bit too fast HE wound up injuring himself and experiencing exactly the same pain his client came to him about. And she didn't allow the healing completely anyway—she went to her doctor the very same week and had to take care of the problem through conventional means. Other healers report taking their client's illnesses on in their own bodies.

They don't understand that God heals through their hands. Not the client. And not the healer. You don't DO the healing. You do the channeling.

If they didn't believe otherwise they wouldn't get sick?

They wouldn't try without inner or channeled guidance to go ahead. We always let our channelers KNOW when to say yes to a client and when to hold back. "Yes" is always your inner response when a client calls and asks "Can you heal this for me?" but you sometimes hold back or even reject the request. Why?

Well, this is why I'm struggling a bit lately. Why Paul and I both are. We've been sending away almost as many people as we've been saying "yes" to.


Because does it make sense for a person to go to a spiritual healer for something as straight forward as, say, removing a splinter? Or something a medical doctor could fix relatively quickly in a conventional manner? Most people who don't want to see their doctors are trying to make a point. They'll even say it out loud "I don't want to support the American medical establishment's hegemony!" That's what one of our last callers said.

And, damn it, I totally get why they feel that way! Medical authority has held a monopoly on healing a really long time with all kinds of intended consequences-- driving the price of services up, eliminating low-cost herbal remedies from the market while way more dangerous pharmaceuticals costing hundreds of dollars more are flooding the market. .. . I could say more. But conventional wisdom at this point of time says "this is how you remove a splinter, this is how you do things on a physical level."

My housemate made a joke the other day . . . or maybe it was Paul . . . do you pray to get your dishes washed? Or do you just get it done?

I can remove a headache using energy healing methods but sometimes it's just simpler to take an aspirin. I don't have to confront the inner conflicts that led to my getting a headache in the first place. I can just lie down and take a break. Address it some other time, when I'm fresh and feel up to it.

Meanwhile, I have a conflict while I'm writing this. I don't have to believe in conventional wisdom anymore. Paul and I have done too many healings that defy conventional wisdom to agree to that. ALL energy healing defies conventional wisdom. We're Reiki masters, for God's sake! And I've been experimenting with things that go way beyond typical Reiki training. I've been experimenting with doing healing that doesn't involve hands-on or distance healing "techniques" at all—just using intention. And I've been getting results.

For example, my cat Chloe has had a quite visible cyst on her eyelid for more than a year, maybe as many as three years. Recently, she scratched it and I wished that cyst could just go away. I don't think a vet would recommend excising it because it is in such a delicate area and causes her no pain on a normal day. But it is in her way and I thought I would try a healing experiment on her behalf. My guides suggested visualizing that the interior of the cyst drain, become hollow and not needed anymore. They suggested giving the healing a week. It hasn't been a full week at this point but I'm already seeing change. It's fascinating to watch because I didn't do anything that took any more time and attention than the time it's taking me to write this paragraph.

I did another experiment recently as well. I removed a skin tag by intention alone. I visualized the tiny blood vessels in the area clamping themselves off, cutting off the circulation to the area. If this had been done the normal way -- by tying a suture or sterilized piece of string around the area -- the skin tag would dry up and fall off. That's what I assumed would happen in this case and that is exactly what has happened. It took about 3 days. Using intention and visualization alone!

I know this can be done. Paul knows this can be done. So why are we "inexperienced"?

Because you're still worried about what conventional society has to say.

Conventional society says "What??!! You guys must be crazy, charlatans or in cahoots with the devil!"

That's why we say you're somewhat "inexperienced." You're still afraid to come out of the closet. You're still holding back. You're still afraid to be seen and speak and share your beliefs with others and bring them along.

How can we heal that?

You write, you speak with each other, you heal your fear of being visible together by sharing how you feel and coming out together in the simplest easiest, most accessible forms. You add to your experience in THIS regard and we won't call you "inexperienced" anymore.

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Paul Hood said...

Hi Sheryl,
As you know you and your guides are goading me to write more in my blog, and maybe elsewhere.
It's a pretty exciting time for us. Your guides are not above getting a few details wrong if it will poke me out of my shell a bit more. OK, Ok, I won't just sit here. My blog is in you links section. I'll get something else up there pretty soon.
Love, Paul