Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chloe is Better!

If you've read some of my earlier blogs you know I've been doing an experiment with my cat Chloe to see if I / we could help heal a cyst she's had on her eyelid for 2-3 years without using any healing techniques other than intention alone. No Reiki or any other hands-on healing. Just intention.

Well, it's been a mixed experience because this particular assignment stretched the limits of my ability to trust but from the very first day I started with this test we saw the cyst start to change. It appeared to get better, then worse, then better. I obsessed on it -- which is a form of interference -- and then I gave up. But Paul didn't. He added hands-on healing into the mix.

Alright. So he cheated. He also claims to have talked to my cat and struck a deal with her that if she would heal her own cyst he would give her drinks out of the bathtub faucet -- a habit I'm trying to break her of!

Oh well. Apparently whatever he and I did worked. But we'll never know what did the trick or if it took all we did combined.

Except for a bald spot where the cyst used to be there's no trace of it anymore. If . . . WHEN . . . her fur grows in you won't be able to see where it was at all. So far the process has taken a month.

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