Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Wizards Behind the Curtains

Questions floating in the air. How can con artists succeed at swindling hundreds of people out of their life savings doing healing ? How come we don't dare to claim that the work we do could make the "dumb speak and the lame walk" in a single session even though there are plenty of other "healers" out there who say they do? What, if anything, has held us back from doing those 5 minute miraculous healings you sometimes hear about?

Well, for one thing we don't have the circus tent and get the populace all worked up into a faith-in-God frenzy before we slap them on the head and say "YOU'RE HEALED!!" We don't wrap ourselves in fancy robes, light candles and recite magical incantations either. We don't charge $300 or more per session, make them write an essay about why they deserve to be healed by us, or resort to other tricks of the healing trade to trick people into committing to themselves and what we do in the process.

Actually we HAVE done miraculous healings in 5 minutes or even less. But we had to spend a period of time, first, preparing the soil, helping our clients believe it was possible, that it was safe to allow, and so on. By the time we're done people go, wow, this spot in my back doesn't hurt anymore. But they don't seem overly awed by us. How could they? Our whole persona is to be relaxed, normal-ish, totally non-threatening and not scary Paul and Sheryl. We're just like them except we also do this neato-keen spiritual counseling and healing stuff.

Paul and I were discussing this this morning. We're both, but he in particular, enamored of the movie "The Wizard of Oz." The question came up: Would we rather our clients came to us because they thought we were the all-powerful and wonderful wizard? Or because we're the people who are willing to lift up the curtain and teach them that the power and healing they desire has been within themselves all along?

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