Friday, August 31, 2007

Ducky Baby, Ducky Dreams

As alluded to in my last blog, Paul and I have been taking art as a "day job" seriously lately. And, as I mentioned, I got way TOO serious and have strained my neck. The guidance has been to lighten up. Coincidentally, the guidance from some unconscious place in my psyche has been longing for some childlike joy and play as well. Look at the most recent images I drew (doodled) and uploaded to cafepress. I've been doing doodles exactly like this since I was a kid, dismissing them as not "good enough" to be considered "real" art. Geez! I think differently about it now. Picasso didn't paint much of anything I'd want in my kid's room at night. But I don't need to see something like this in a museum. That's not my dream! Paul and I are similar on this. We like the idea of someone enjoying a piece of our art or photography on a wall but we'd be just as thrilled to see it on a coffee mug or refrigerator magnet. So I guess we're where we need to be -- designing art for commercial applications and loving every minute of it.

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Clement said...

Your doodles are every cute and sweet. I bet kids love them! :)