Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Journeys We Take to Learn to Do Better

Paul and I have a game we like to play. It started with me before we got together. I noticed some time ago that I could pick 3 movies at random, watch them and find connecting themes. Now we play this game together.

This week we rented "The Fifth Monkey" (don't bother), "Seven Years in Tibet", and "Run Lola Run". All enjoyable, more or less. All took place in countries other than the U.S. They all featured a main character (or more than one) who travels from place to place during much of the movie (in one case, more than once). All featured that main character displaying peculiar character flaws and making big mistakes. All grew into new understandings and better choices (sometimes through serendipity) through learning as they went along from the experiences of the journeys they made. All had a chance to redeem themselves by making a better choice at another time or place, and all succeeded at learning certain spiritual lessons as time went on.

We all make big mistakes on the journeys that we take. Or at least it seems that way at the time. But later on we often get to review those lessons again. Sometimes more than once. For some of us again and again. I've heard it said that the most important life lessons repeat as often as it takes. It isn't necessarily reassuring to think like that. But, if this is truly the case, perhaps by recognizing the repeating pattern we can glean information about what's not working and why. Then we can choose to make a different choice. And hopefully that will work better.

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