Friday, September 07, 2007

Play and Lightheartedness

One of Paul's photos above is the star of a new and immediately popular Craigslist ad titled "Hoo Are You, Hoo-hoo, Hoo-hoo?" The idea in my mind is that most often people go out of balance because they lose track of what's most important to their hearts and a spiritual counseling and healing session with us can help them get back to and honor their true selves. But, in reality, I chose this image because it's so cute and incongruous to find in the oh so serious world of spiritual counseling and healing, it makes me laugh.

We're starting to get a reputation, I think, for being the jokesters of the New Age healing community. People have started to give us feedback that they love Fred, the fictional Grandmaster of the Teakettle Paul invented a while back. Our latest print ad even hints that a session with us could be fun ("you might cry . . but we've got tissues").

And why not? At least this way people might start to remember our names.

It also helps keep our spirits up. It's a lot more fun to keep putting the advertising out there when it's done this way.

Which brings me back to the original reason I decided to write today -- Zinnia, the flower essence for light-heartedness and fun. Last week in my dance class I wished I had a product that included Zinnia in it. This week I remembered that I do. It's called Doing New Things with Confidence.

I never think of this formula in this way, probably because I was oh so serious when I made it. The significance of what I was guided to put in it must have gone past me. I always fixate on the fact that it has Larkspur in it which I was taught to believe was about "leadership." I've been thinking it was guided to be in there so the person would take on an attitude of being the "leader" of their own lives. It isn't. It's about infectious enthusiasm for what you do. The kind of enthusiasm and joy that makes people want to follow your lead.

But that's where I got lost. It doesn't make any difference if someone is following your lead when you're trying to develop self-confidence and enjoy your life. What matters is having so much fun trying something different that you don't mind making mistakes and falling off the horse a few times in the process. You get such a kick out of trying that you can't wait to try again. That fun and joie de vivre, that sense of play and adventure, is what makes the journey worthwhile.

Helen Keller has a quote attributed to her: "Life is a daring adventure or it's nothing." Things can go wrong on an adventure but the story of how you lived to tell the tale always winds up being part of the fun. On an adventure you always have the intention of enjoying the ride. You might go down a road you've never been down just to see where it goes. You might try a weird new drink with strange tapioca balls in it just to find out what it would be like. You don't fret over the fact that you've never done these things before and you "might not do it right". Huh? It's an adventure!

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