Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Releasing Worry and Fear

Well, I did the talk at Way of Life and it went really well. People were interested and I felt competent and relaxed (once I got started, at least). It was fun to finally consolidate a few of the ideas I've been thinking about for my book and see if I could help it make sense for others. I've been spinning my wheels with anxiety and indecision for awhile now.

I actually felt pretty anxious the whole day before this talk. My perfume helped but couldn't really address my core issue which was knowing in my gut, from experience, that I was going to be good enough to put this information across. It wasn't that I didn't believe in myself enough. It's just that the subject matter -- using flower essences for personal and spiritual growth -- flies in the face of convention so much and I place a great value on being practical and grounded. You don't see me or Paul walking around ga-ga with that dreamy "I'm on spiritual bliss" look in our eyes. When I talk about what we do I want to be treated with respect so, for me, one of the keys to this presentation was to cross the barriers between hard science and spirituality without misrepresenting either.

The problem is the hard science isn't there yet. It's hinted at—there's a lot we have learned about how emotions affect our brain chemistry (and vice versa) and how that might affect our health from the field of psychoneuroimmunology. And Edward Bach was an immunologist. But, while there are mountains of empirical evidence documenting their effectiveness, nobody has been able to prove how flower essences work, at least not yet. Of course, we don't know how some pharmaceuticals work either. I caught an announcement of that for one drug being marketed on TV just recently. Still, in the midst of preparing for my talk I found an online article that called flower essences "quackery" for just the same thing so that got me a little jangled. All I could do was present what seems like a plausible explanation, make some strong arguments for it with some nice graphics of flowers and examples, and hope for the best. Once I got past that part of my talk I felt the tension drain away and I had fun the rest of the evening.

Sometimes releasing worry and fear comes from having the courage of your convictions and living to tell the tale.

By the way, my mom recently insisted I put out a perfume for Halloween. It turns out I already have one, coincidentally dressed in pumpkin orange for the occasion. I call it "Releasing Worry and Fear", too, and it's the most popular perfume I make.

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