Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trying to Go with the Flow In a Mars Retrograde

Go with the flow! What does that mean in the Mars retrograde period we're in right now? Well, I'm no astrologer but if your life is anything like mine it feels like it's hard to get much progress flowing at all. Mars is the planet of action and when it's in retrograde it feels like we can't go forward. Our plans break down, our technology might do the same, and it feels like we're held back in all kinds of ways.

The good part of a Mars retrograde, from what I understand, is it forces us to look at what we've been trying to do and re-evaluate. What's gone well in the past year? What could go better? If there's anything wrong with the track we've been creating, it will become clear now (if it hasn't already in recent weeks). This is the time to work on long-range plans, consolidate plans for the future, make incremental change, work out the kinks in plans we've already made.

The flow we're in isn't quite an eddy. We're not going in circles. It's more like a minor logjam. Held back, gathering resource, building strength, perhaps finding another way than the one we expected at this place and time. That's hard if you thought you were going the best way possible. But it isn't hard if you're willing to let your guidance and inner knowing show you the way from now on.

The river doesn't know its destination. We know water tends to follow the least obstructed route towards the ocean but it can wind up in any sufficient sized contained area— a lake or a dam more often than not. It doesn't matter to the river where it flows. But when it comes to the course of our own lives it feels like it matters a lot.

We think we know what's best for us. It isn't always that way. We sometimes want something that can't be done in the way we want it. That's important. And sometimes what we need isn't something we are able to imagine at all.


nicole said...

what a great insight/reminder, so eloquently put. i think a lot of people could benefit from reading this single post! lovely. xx.nicole

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