Friday, January 11, 2008

Adverse Drug Reactions

One thing that really gets my goat is how fiercely drugs are being hawked on TV despite how many deaths occur each year because of the appropriate dosage of both prescription and over-the counter medications. Right now, if you stay up very late at night, you might see a public service ad letting people know that a drug that was heavily promoted earlier in the year for irritable bowel and constipation relief (Zelnorm) has been recalled from the market. I must have missed it because I don't remember seeing this on the news or in the newspaper. The drug creates serious health problems including heart attacks and stroke yet it was approved for use for far less serious medical conditions. This is doubly maddening because herbal and other alternatives are so roundly disapproved by the SAME regulating body that supposedly ensures our safety around pharmaceuticals. Herbal remedies get yanked from the shelves with far fewer reported cases of health complications and many safe herbal products never get FDA approval at all.

I just looked on a newswire service to find archived copies of video about Zelnorm and couldn't find anything. But I did find this one on the rise of seriously adverse drug reactions in general. (Please excuse the short ad that starts the video. It's the cost of using this "free" news service.)

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