Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can Eating Meat Make You Violent?

Yes! Actually, if you believe in Chinese medicine (and I HAVE found it helpful) it can!

Can eating a diet devoid of meat be violent? Yes! Again, the Chinese perspective is clear on that.

In one case, eating too much red meat -- a yang-increasing element -- can make you too yang, too active, too energized, too ready to fight if threatened. Yang is the heat-generating element of the sun. Too much heat can burn you up. It can be destructive and lead to a violent death.

Too little heat in the diet, however, has the opposite effect. Vegetables and fruit -- especially raw ones -- are yin. That means they're potentially cooling (depending on what else you eat and what your current state of well-being happens to be). An excellent thing if eating too much meat your whole life has damaged your health. A very destructive thing if you tend towards anemia, cold hands and feet and low energy. Yin is the absence of heat, it's dark and cold. Calming, restful -- the way we like it at night. But too much Yin will kill you, too. All living things perish without warmth and light. It's a slower death -- you don't go up in a heart-attack inducing flash of light. But it keeps you from having the immunity and strength to fight off an attack and that eventually leads to death as well.

In Linda's comment to my blog, Vegetarianism-The One True Way, she spoke of balance as the key. I so agree.

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