Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guerilla Marketing

I just heard this term yesterday. It's what people who don't have tons of money to spend on advertising do to get people to know about their goods and services.

Paul and I did it really well without realizing it when we put an ad up on Craigslist with a link to our spiritual counseling and healing website. Because of what we titled the ad a number of people clicked the link to our website and that helped alert the Google robots about our site. Then we put links to our site in every ad we ran after that, again not knowing what we were doing in terms of search engine optimization. Some were titled with keywords people type into Google to find Spiritual Counseling and Healing Services such as ours. The ads themselves are filled with keywords as well --again, NOT designed that way on purpose. It just makes sense to include the things you do in an ad. No rocket science involved at all.

That raised our status in Google's estimation further - especially since we did funny stuff like include cute photographs of an owl in an ad that says "Hoo, Hoo, are you, hoo, hoo" that got people to click the links and check us out and Paul ran a series of creative and funny ads about Fred, our satirical guru, the Grandmaster of the Teakettle. People check out our website every time we put up an ad.

Now, if you type "Spiritual Counseling," "Medical Intuition," "Healing" or various other things along with the words "Santa Cruz" into Google's search engine several of our ads and websites show up at the top of the page (and we didn't have to pay for that). If you leave the words "Santa Cruz" out we're currently on page 3. Except for referrals, people currently find us through our website more than any other thing we've done and Google is the top referrer to our site whenever we check our hit counter stats.

Apparently links from other websites make the Google robots go wild. So, rather than put everything in one place I've decided to create new blog websites using blogger to advertise my book and I just put one up today specifically designed to showcase and sell my art. With links back here and to all our websites in both of them. It's already made our hit counters ping. (When it makes our cash flow better I'll be even happier.)

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