Sunday, January 20, 2008

Year of the Earth Rat

My friend Vanessa sent me an email saying that starting on Paul's birthday this February begins the Chinese Year of the Earth Rat. According to the email:

"The Rat year heralds a time of plenty, and is congenial and happier than most others; free of explosive events and wars, with a minimum of catastrophes! But, it will also be spicy, promising plenty of bargaining, bickering and good-natured “ratty” arguing. It is a time to socialize and enjoy ourselves with glee, in true rat fashion!

"So please, take pleasure in the abundance and good fortune of 2008, with its many fine business opportunities and prospects. This year the world economy should boom, with fortunes on the upswing, especially in the last quarter. It is also wise to establish some long-term investments, as the Rat bonanza may be followed by lean years. In minding your business, don’t take chances or unnecessary risks, as Rat year is still ruled by the cold of winter and dark of night. If you speculate badly and overextend yourself, you may end the year in a sorry state indeed."

It's pretty early to wish everyone "Gung Hay Fat Choy" (a happy and prosperous New Year) but it's never too soon to think positively and plan ahead so I thought I'd go ahead and put this blog up.

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