Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trusting Inner Guidance

Every time I walk downtown I check to see how my perfume is doing at Artisans Gallery, a wonderful art and handmade crafts gallery on Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz. I didn't expect them to need any perfume today as I just filled an order for them two weeks ago but to my surprise they are low on one — Mama Love For Trusting Inner Guidance.

A year ago I thought I should retire this formula. Except for in Big Sur that perfume didn't tend to sell very well. Or so I thought. Still, despite all logic to the contrary, my inner guidance said not to change anything, to hang in with it a little bit longer.

So I did and today it is one of my most popular perfumes.

Why? Maybe the people who did try it come back for more. Paul wonders if perhaps all the talk lately about the recession is making people nervous about making decisions. I suspect we'll never really know for sure.

All I know is I trusted my guidance on that one, when it didn't seem to make sense, and I'm glad I chose to do so.

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