Saturday, March 01, 2008

All Good Things Come in Threes

I have shamrocks on my mind lately. Paul and I went on a photo shoot at the UCSC Farm & Garden project in Santa Cruz the other day and we saw some beautiful examples. Have you ever seen the variety of clover in the picture above? Isn't that prominent triangle spread across the leaves amazing? It made me wonder more about the symbolic significance of triangles and three leaves and whether it had anything to do with the shamrock's association with good luck and prosperity.

It does! Here's the scoop:

The number three is Ireland's most sacred and magical of numbers. The shamrock associated with Saint Patrick's Day is supposed to represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost but the mystical significance of the shamrock and the number three go much further back than that.

According to several sources I found on the Internet the triad or trinity represented the unity of body, mind and spirit. In Ireland it also represented many other things: Crone, Mother and Virgin; Love, Valour and Wit; Faith, Hope and Charity; Past, Present, Future; and Earth, Sky and Underworld. It also likely that it is associated with the ancient Celtic triple Mother Goddess √Čire, Banba and Fotla. And other trifold goddesses associated with the harvest, fertility and prosperity.

Clover has been used since ancient times for its medicinal qualities. Red Clover is used for a wide variety of women's reproductive complaints and may protect against heart disease and have some benefit against cancer. In Flower Essence Therapy it is used for helping a person maintain self-awareness and calm. (I use it in my Mama Love for Doing New Things with Confidence perfume). In particular it is useful in situations where people are infecting each other with fear (mass hysteria and other forms of group panic which can arise during natural disasters, war, or economic crisis).

The mass media is doing a great job of whipping up such a frenzy right now spreading worry and fear about a "probable" recession. It's ONLY probable if people believe it is and become afraid to do business as usual. Yeah, gas prices have gone up (to less than half what Europeans have paid for many years now) and yeah, choices were made in funding bank loans for people with insufficient income to pay for the high-priced houses they wanted it for. The housing market became seriously inflated in recent years. That's being corrected. But, there's no reason to panic! For every person losing their "shirt" now (they're not, just their illusions) many, MANY more people made a killing in the housing market not long ago and are enjoying more prosperity than ever in their lives. Where's the media attention on that?

The American economy has been propped up by optimism since the end of the gold standard in the early 70s. What's a "recession"? When something happens to shake that faith. People get conservative with their spending, merchants and others who depend on that spending feel the effect of that and pull back themselves, and the whole economy slows down. It's a mass created domino effect. And yet, let me emphasize again, MOST people are doing better now financially, not worse. The economy is growing at a slower rate. Many people think that's reason to fret. The smart ones are just waiting for the best time to jump in and invest.

Paul was telling me last night that at least three points are needed to create a stable base -- hence the three legged stool and variations on that. Ancient texts say God is One. From one came two --duality, Yin and Yang, man and woman, night and day. From two comes three - the man, woman and child. And from three comes all the manifestations of the physical world.

March is the third month in the Christian calendar. Keep the shamrock and the number three in your heart this month and believe in the power to manifest what you want. Can't we all use a feeling of faith, hope and prosperity?

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