Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Video Spiritual Counseling and Healing Worldwide

We recently signed up for Skype and did our first Voice-Over-Internet call a few weeks ago. It worked great! And the price is so low (free to call other Skype users) that we can absorb the cost of the call into what we charge for sessions. No long distance charges to our clients anymore! Yippee!

And here's something even cooler. If you have a video camera and microphone attached to your computer -- our Mac has one built in -- we can do face-to-face video sessions with you no matter where you live all over the world.

We went nationwide with our sessions via telephone many months ago after much worry and discussion about whether it would work out. We had an out-of-town person INSIST on having a session with us long distance. She knew we were the ones for her and didn't take our hesitation and concern for an answer. It was great and we've done sessions with lots of other people that way as a result.

My friend Vanessa told me about Skype. She has great fun talking to her children who travel a lot that way. She even has done yoga with her daughter who lives in Milan.

If you want to try a video session with us check out our phone and video page for more details.

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