Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weathering a Recession

Recession, recession. That's what everyone's talking about and it's hard to watch the news these days and remain calm. I woke up today wondering what Divine Guidance would tell people about this situation.

"Well, it would depend on the specific set of circumstance they were in. For one person now is the time to trust the old adage "Buy low, sell high." Let the bargain shopping begin! Hee-hee! And have some fun. This is a bargain hunter's paradise galore.

Still it's also not time to bet the farm.

Have money to burn? Be frugal but consistent in your investment. What trends and problems do you see? Temporarily weak American dollar? Think global marketing. High cost of gasoline and dwindling supplies? Think green. A large and growing elder population (the parents of the Baby Boom generation are living longer with many more chronic health problems PLUS the Baby Boomers and Boomlets are coming!) Think health care, long term care. Invest in medicine, alternative health, long-term care housing you'd want to live in yourself. Think self-help, alternative living, and how to create solutions nobody has thought of yet. Think of solutions and problems become opportunity. Financial successes will follow."

Above is the guidance I received. It's also common sense.

Come to center. Settle down. Keep your head above water by letting go of any baggage weighing you down, trust that you can find a solution, and look for higher ground.

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