Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did We Grow Up Eating Monsanto Poisoned Wheat?

In several earlier blogs I wrote about the scary experience I had with an undiagnosed wheat allergy. A medical intuitive figured it out, she was right, and that actually helped to launch me into my current career -- medical intuition is part of what my partner Paul and I do with our clients today. I also learned meridian balancing techniques that helped me get rid of the sensitivity. It took a long time because I had to release layer after layer of distress. The last piece was believing it was safe enough to even try eating wheat again. Guess what the second to last piece was?


I psychically heard the words "Monsanto" and "hybrid wheat." I knew NOTHING about this company at the time-- I had to look them up and was shocked by what I found. Before the latest GMO technology they created a hybrid wheat -- a plant that cannot be found in nature because wheat plants pollinate themselves. Monsanto created a chemical that kills the male part of wheat plants so the female part can be pollinated by mechanical means. The result is a "wheat" plant that cannot be found in nature. This wheat was put on the market without testing to be sure it would do no harm to humans. And, at one time, the vast majority of wheat found in the United States was the result of this technology. I seem to recall reading that significant enough health problems were eventually found to pull it from the market (I'm not sure; it might still be out there) but there is no doubt in my mind that this company continues to try to corner the worldwide wheat, corn and soy markets with other chemically-created hybrid and GMO crops they produce.

Could this be where so many wheat allergies actually stem from? Our bodies going on red alert because a substance we ate several times a day for months if not years at a time wasn't even recognized by our immune systems as a proper food? Our local Santa Cruz Trader Joe's refuses to put cornflakes with GMO corn on the shelves anymore so they have no cornflakes available at all for months at a time. Cornflakes used to be a daily part of my boyfriend's diet. When we couldn't find them we switched to oat cereal and the terrible hive reaction he had found no cause for went away. We didn't know why cornflakes weren't available until weeks later so it wasn't a psychosomatic reaction. It was real, it's probably affecting other people, and I'm on the information is power path for now on.

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