Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Article About Natural Cosmetics

Most people think the skin acts as a barrier between us and the outside world and that we don't need the same kinds of regulations for what people put on their bodies as we do for substances (foods, drugs) we put in them. But any good aromatherapist knows that nothing could be further from the truth!

Pores! Remember pores? Our skin is not an impermeable barrier. It's semi-permeable. And it's not just "pores" that let things in and out. If something has a small enough molecular structure or interacts with our bodies in certain ways (for better or worse) it soaks right in.

That's why medical patches for birth control, nicotine addiction, and others work. And that's how essential oils work, too. Aromatherapy is kind of a misnomer. Essential oils do not always work strictly through the sense of smell (although that's certainly a key factor). They work by being absorbed into the body where they can be used—like a food or herb—for beneficial use.

Some essential oils don't smell very good. Some people (like me, for example) think chamomile and yarrow, spikenard and angelica are positively wretched! But I use them in conjunction with essential oils with scents I do like because when used in the right amounts their healing qualities are unsurpassed.

Notice I emphasized the words "in the right amounts." This is important because in excess or used undiluted directly on the body even the most beneficial substances have toxic effects. That's why I made my Mama Love perfumes to aromatherapy standards, not to what is considered reasonable by most perfume manufacturers. Typical perfumers use such high quantities of essential oils they make therapeutically-oriented aromatherapists cringe.

But back to the article above. It's a great introduction to the importance of regulation in the cosmetics industry, natural alternatives and the like. Well worth taking a look.

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