Friday, May 23, 2008

Guidance from the Synchronistic Universe

Today Paul and I were walking home from the beach via our favorite route through Neary Lagoon. We were having a conversation about the cut-throat practices of another entrepreneur we know and were sorting out our feelings about it when we saw an injured baby duck wandering across the path in front of us. I was just wondering how a duck with a hurt foot like this one's could survive when a blue jay swooped down from the sky and grabbed the duckling by the throat. We thought at first that the adult ducks would try to save it but they seemed to be afraid of the jay. After letting the baby bird go for a few seconds it snapped its beak around the duckling's neck and flew away with it. A pretty gruesome way to die. Cut-throat.

When we returned to the conversation about the entrepreneur with cut-throat business practices we realized this person was so miserable as a result of the clients they attracted with these choices that they hated their work. In a way they had best succeeded at cutting their own throats. If we had any doubts about the choices we sometimes think we have to make, this synchronistic reaction from the world around us gave us a graphic illustration of the effects such a choice would create. Remembering other things we knew about this person did the rest.

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