Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Guidance from the Synchronistic Universe

These last few days there has been a wildfire blazing out of control in the Santa Cruz Mountains, far enough from where we live that we're not in any danger but close enough that we can see and sometimes smell the smoke. An entire mountain community was evacuated and a few of them are now returning home to find their homes literally burnt to smoldering ash. One family in Corralitos found their house and all their possessions burnt to the ground, not a single thing left except for a random metal box. Opening the box they were shocked to find an old T-shirt with a slogan printed on it, memorabilia from some event the couple had worked on. The slogan said "We're not dead yet."

Things like that touch me and Paul to the core. You just KNOW that family needed to see that message at this particular place and time. It's enough to give even the least faithful among us a reason to hope.

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