Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stop Slams on Effective Alternative Medicine

If you care about accurate and fair consumer information about homeopathy and flower essences please join this internet campaign to protest the recent hack job done by Consumer Reports. Their recent report on homeopathy uses a now debunked and inaccurate "study" from 2005 to claim that people should "read the label" of any medicine they take and stay away from it if it uses a homeopathic ingredient. Significant evidence shows that homeopathics are a safe, inexpensive and very effective alternative to standard drug therapy. It has been used for generations and is the most popular form of healthcare after allopathic medicine in many parts of the world. Yet someone at Consumer Reports was fed a line of hogwash and, rather than do more extensive research, took the bait. Now, this report has been picked up by the "news" media and the misinformation is being spread far and wide. Who pays for the vast majority of advertising on network TV besides the automotive industry? You know who-- big pharmaceutical companies, the people with the most to gain from this kind of slanderous activity.

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Jimserac said...

Many thanks Sheryl for bringing the incorrect and/or misleading information about Homeopathy in Consumer Reports to our attention.
As you know, for some time now, a determined campaign of innuendo and pseudo science has been aimed at discrediting Homeopathy, a campaign which on times borders on near hysteria and vituperation.

Legitimate and fully credentialed researchers such as Dr. Iris Bell MD, PhD, and Dr. Rustum Roy (a Materials Science expert researching the structure of water) are providing research which is gradually uncovering the mechanisms of Homeoapathic action and provding a sound scientifc basis to this remarkable, safe and effective branch of medicine.

You can see some of his papers at
and Dr. Bell has a brilliant YouTube Debate, easily found in google which is well worth listening.