Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buttercup Flower Essence

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Buttercup Flower Essence

According to a an old folktale there once was a young boy who spent all day running through the forest and singing in his very clear high-pitched voice. It was wonderful to listen to him at first but it soon became clear that he wasn't going to stop! He was clearly disturbing the peace so the wood nymphs turned him into a tiny quiet Buttercup and sent him out into the open meadow to live.

I've been looking into Buttercup flower essence today. In my research I found that there's very little written about this wildflower. Most of my research into the wildflowers I study turn up lots of information about medicinal uses, food uses and sometimes mind-bogglingly detailed descriptions of every aspect of what the plant looks like and how it grows. Not so with the Western Buttercup! Except for the basics of what it looks like and where it grows, botanists haven't written much about it. It seems that it's so seemingly unusable and so very small and common that it just doesn't draw much attention.

And that's rather appropriate because Buttercup flower essence is for people who are often overlooked themselves and suffer from low self-esteem because their life path allows for little outward fame or recognition. It's for finding ways to shine in the small ways we express who we are. It is especially recommended for children, the physically or mentally handicapped, or for anyone who feels overlooked or needs to accept a less visible and simple existence. It can also be very helpful for shy people or for phases of life where one needs a simple peaceful existence to strengthen one’s inner resources.

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