Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smoke on the Mountains

The Santa Cruz fog is thick with smoke these days. It's particularly thick in the morning but we didn't see the sun all day yesterday. It's not expected to show through today as well.

There are hundreds of fires and the biggest one is raging just across the bay in Big Sur. Earlier this year a friend in Big Sur, one of my best Mama Love customers, was extremely worried about gas prices and what the effect of the recession would be on business this year. Now they're fighting for their lives. It's hard to worry about whether business will be good when you're concerned you might not have a business or a place to live at all.

Other friends of mine in Bonny Doon, just a few miles up the mountain from downtown Santa Cruz, were evacuated for a separate fire last week. The flames came within less than a quarter mile from one of their houses. Friends of theirs lost everything but they're back home right now, happy to be alive.


Linda in the Northeast Kingdom said...

Sending moist thoughts and prayers from Vermont to California!

Love, Linda

Sheryl Karas said...

Thank you!