Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't Fall Asleep on the Job!

One of the drawbacks in making flower essence aromatherapy products that help people relax into sleep is making the product itself. I needed to make more Restful Sleep formula just now and kept feeling like I was about to nod off! That happened the first time I made this formula, too. I guess that's how I knew it would probably be effective for other people as well. This product is the very first one I made that I didn't like the smell of--too medicinal. But weirdly enough all the men in my life have loved it (and a lot of female customers, too). It's earthy and deep and when I use it I feel like it brings my energy deep down into my core instead of whizzing around with thoughts in my head. It's pretty powerful stuff. And now I like the smell! I associate it with feeling ready for bed.


Kylie B said...

Oh wow off to check this out!

Jenn Maruska said...

Great packaging! I would want to pick that up and see what it's about. : )