Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Expensive Perfume? Try This!

Okay, so every so often I have a crisis of confidence and worry if my Mama Love perfume is too expensive. I don't think it is but every so often that's the excuse retail stores who sell really cheap stuff use to turn me down. Okay.

So, I'm having one of those low self-esteem moments again today and, literally, at that instant an email comes in with a link to this article about Clive Christian perfume, the most expensive perfume in the world! $3000 an ounce, just because he calls it "authentic English perfumery."

Actually, what he's really selling is the weird "prestige" of giving your girlfriend or husband the gift of the most expensive perfume on the planet. According to the article, it doesn't matter what it smells like, it's the "thought" that counts!

By the way, the marketing strategy appears to be working. They claim to sell 1000 bottles of it a year!

Mine's organic, Reiki-infused and spiritually guided ... Paul jokes that it's for the "hippie" consumer who wears a tablecloth as a dress and walks her dog on a rope instead of a leash. Hey, I say, no way! But there's no getting around it. I didn't design it with the nouveau riche prestige-conscious consumer in mind. Still, given that there aren't too many Reiki-infused spiritually guided therapeutic grade flower essence and aromatherapy based "perfumes" out there (are there any besides mine?), I think it's worth the price. ($12.99 for 1/8 ounce)

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