Friday, August 01, 2008

Fighting the Labyrinth

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? It's not like a maze--it's more like a walking meditation. People have used it for prayer, meditation, receiving guidance, etc. for centuries. There's one on the lawn at the local Episcopal church that I like. Another I walked in/near East Hardwick, VT stands out. I like them. I certainly like the idea of them.

Now you can do it--sort of-- online. I have to admit that doing anything online for me is not restful or relaxing. I spend too many hours on the computer, working intensely, doing things to market our businesses or researching how. Way too much time.

Lately I've noticed some repetitive stress symptoms in my left hand, especially my thumb. Paul did some healing on it yesterday and asked "Have you been feeling like you're all thumbs lately?"

Definitely! I'm not just working hard at things -- I'm making choices, remaking them, and doing the work over again. Then I remember something I didn't think about and have to do it over AGAIN. This morning I was feeling like it was time to take time away from the computer to do other things like photograph the new body/bath/massage line I'm wanting to put out. Ooops! The large labels I bought months ago don't fit the bottles I have! aargh!

Sometimes it feels like we get stuck in a maze of our own making. We think thus and so, make choices based on that, see the results and say "no that's not going to work" so we have to backtrack a bit. But we're not the same anymore so it's not exactly like retracing our steps. We go backward with more information. Then we try again. Sort of like what happens when you walk a labyrinth. You walk back and forth but each turn of the path brings you closer to the center.

There's a lot of symbolism in that that I don't feel like I have patience for. But I guess that's the problem. I don't want to walk the labyrinth in my life--I want to go straight! sigh

I have a problem to confess: it seems like I wind up living the lessons of whatever flower essence card I'm working (or not working) on. I've been drawing a self-awareness deck based on flower essence therapy for years now. I drew almost the whole deck a long time ago. Then discovered when I printed it out that the linework looked awful! The program I chose wasn't adequate to the task.

So I'm drawing them over! And the card I stopped in the middle of finishing this week is Impatiens -- the flower essence for impatience! It's for people who fight the natural pace of life, for people who just can't stand the process of retracing one's steps, for people who want to go straight to the top of their profession overnight (but can't). For people who get so frustrated with how slow process seems to take they just want to scream! For people who fight this pace of life by pushing harder, working more intensely, striving on into the wee hours of the night, until they suffer from repetitive stress syndrome, sore shoulders, sleep deprivation, and all kinds of other physical stuff.

Yeah, people like me. I guess it's time to take my Impatiens flower essence right now. I need to proceed at the pace of life.


tattytiara said...

That's really interesting. I'd been working on a painting for creativity, and had looked up the Victorian meanings of flowers. I found Angelica for inspiration, and wow - is it every inspiring. Like a burst of fireworks!

That week I discovered what all those huge bulges were on all those tall stalks on my favorite hiking trail when they exploded with Angelica flowers.

I painted creativity and it burst out all around it!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

What an interesting concept. I'm currently battling some neurological woes and questioned whether the universe was slowing me down since I ignored all of her preceding pleas...Impatiens, eh? I need to think about this one for a spell, thanks for sharing.