Monday, August 18, 2008

Flowing with Rock Water Flower Essence

Spring water is known as "Rock Water" in the healing tradition of Celtic England. It was meant to represent the living well of existence, the spring that comes from the rock hard womb of the earth back out into the light.

People who need Rock Water in Flower Essence Therapy are typically very hard on themselves. They have high ideals (or think they do) and apply them rigidly to their own lives. When they choose a spiritual path they translate it ascetically. When they have work to do they work at it until it's done without a break.

Rock Water flower essence helps loosen rigidities, allowing God's love to flow freely again, as it should, without restriction and excessive limitation.

This picture helps me remember to lighten up, "go with the flow," and remember to enjoy the ride.

You can find Reiki infused dosage strength bottles and sprays of Rock Water flower essence in my Etsy shop.

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