Thursday, August 14, 2008

Loving the Earth Heals Us All

When life hands us thorns it's easy to get depressed, to lose hope, or, worse, become apathetic. "What's it matter what I do? I'm only one person anyway."

Then there are those who use a more active approach resulting in the same thing: "I can't afford a single negative thought--that's why I don't read the newspaper or watch the evening news!" But the "Hear no evil, See no evil" approach only works to some extent. Need a break? No problem. But avoiding negative input isn't the same thing as enthusiastically engaging in life with a positive loving attitude.

I'm doing a Flower Essence Tarot deck and this image is the one I drew for California Wild Rose, the flower essence used to help people overcome resignation, love life, and feel actively engaged in living it. It helps people who are afraid of feeling pain learn to risk it so they can love again. And it helps those who feel alienated from their life's purpose remember their ideals so they can take action and follow their callings once again.

The wild rose is a plant with a lot to offer. It has a beautiful flower, smells wonderful, is edible, and has a tart but delicious (and very healthy) fruit (rosehips). And, while its flowers seem delicate--the petals are soft and easily fall apart--this plant is no shrinking violet. Its sharp tiny thorns will rip your skin apart! The California Wild Rose is vigorous. Chop it down and it springs back up. Neglect to water it? It thrives on neglect! This plant is tough! The last thing it does is hide from the challenges of life.

And that's the message of this card in the deck. The wild rose, like all roses, is a flower associated with love, loving others, loving life. But it's also about healthy engagement. Having the vigor, fighting power and stamina to say yes to the task.

This image is available as a 5 x7 print, a handmade greeting card or prayer candle. I uploaded it to my Etsy shop tonight.

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