Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mama Love Flower Essence Skin Cream!

Woo-hoo! I FINALLY got it done! I've wanted to make a face cream (or all-over skin cream now) from flower essences ever since I was introduced to the concept 6 years ago! (or has it been longer?)

Flower Essence Therapy is used to help people feel good from the inside out. There are essences for self-acceptance, self-confidence, feeling at ease in the world and--most importantly--in your skin! Pretty Face Flower Essence, for example, helps a person who feels unattractive feel better about themselves and allow their true beauty, their inner radiance, to come alive. Combined with Calendula Flower Essence (for soothing) and Self-Heal (for a sense of wholeness from the inside out), I thought it would create a skin cream with truly wonderful effects.

BUT it took a while before I made my own flower essence formulas at all and then 2 1/2 years of trying a variety of different skin cream formulations before I found one I love. I have aging (almost 50 year-old) skin that is so dry it literally feels like sandpaper. That's part of the problem. I also have sensitive skin and hate feeling like an oil slick. So I'm hard to make happy. But when I finally tried this formula I couldn't believe the results. I only had to use a little bit and then my skin was so smooth and soft I couldn't stop touching my face! I simply couldn't believe it was my own.

One problem though: the Rooibos Tea extract in it has a very Rooibos Tea like scent. My Mama Love formulas are made to aromatherapy standards which means they're safe to use but they don't have a strong enough scent to cover up the Rooibos. Yesterday I decided, so what? I like the smell of Rooibos Tea. I like it even better mixed with a little Rose or Cinnamon or other scents. Why don't I make a formula purposely based around that smell?

So I have my first batch ready to sell. It's only available through my Etsy site so far for now at . I should have it up on my original Mama Love shop soon.

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