Friday, August 08, 2008

Massage Oil for Releasing Worry and Fear

So, a year or two ago I was having a REALLY bad day--and my body was screaming as a result. I felt guided to put my Mama Love Perfume for Releasing Worry & Fear on my sore shoulders. Seemed a little weird, to say the least. Use "perfume" like a healing ointment? For physical healing, that is. I already knew it made a big difference emotionally.

So what happened? My shoulders instantly dropped an inch! And felt a lot better. Hmm.

So now I do that regularly. I use my healing perfume all over my body--wherever I feel guided to put it. But safety is an issue in this. Most perfume can't be used that way--shouldn't be used that way! Essential oils are way too much for a person's body to handle unless it's diluted sufficiently with a carrier oil like jojoba (which is what I use).

With this product I'm introducing today, it's perfectly okay. 2 ounces of my Mama Love "perfume" designed to be used as an all-over moisturizing body, bath or massage oil.

I only have one of these oils (Releasing Worry & Fear) up for sale so far -- in my Esty shop -- but look for a whole line of them at my Mama Love Products site in a few weeks.

Spiritually guided, Reiki-infused, 100% organic (in this case), flower essences and aromatherapy. How can you lose?

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