Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surfing the Monster Waves

Ever been in a situation where you were so terrified you didn't think there was any way out of the situation you were in? Helpless, too frightened to do anything but quake in your boots? We've all been through times like that. And in those situations we could all use a little emotional rescue.

In the Bach Flower system of emotional (and physical) healing Rose Rose flower essence was once known as the original "Rescue Remedy." Used in those situations where a person is too panicked to function, Rock Rose helps bring up one's power and, ultimately, the courage to cope. I use it in two of my formulas: Releasing Worry and Fear (for obvious reasons) and in my PMS, Postpartum & Menopause Support formula (to help quell over-reactivity).

This image, from my flower essence self-awareness deck (still in production), was inspired by those surfers who ride the monster 25-50 foot waves at Maverick's, a world famous surfing spot up the coast from where I live. What could be more daring than that?

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