Saturday, September 20, 2008

Following Ourselves

Denise Lindquist from Boston, Massachusetts makes plush toys that she sells internationally over the internet from her shop at Click here to see them all. This one she calls "Butt Ugly Buddy" and says it comes with a mouth full of love.

Funny stuff.

But there's another rabbit I want to put up today.

This is one I made myself years ago. I used to keep it in our spiritual counseling office and then it got forgotten about and shunted away. He's back in our office now because of its potential symbolic influence on us.

Rabbit never had any other name but Rabbit and he's dressed like myself or at least how I used to dress when I made him. I don't own clothes that look like that now.

When I did energy healing work long distance before I met Paul I used to use Rabbit as a surrogate, a stand-in to represent the person I was sending healing to, but we don't need to use any sort of prop like that now. Never really did but I didn't realize that at one time. And that's why he got put aside.

But funny thing about metaphorical rabbits. At the time I put Rabbit down as a healing tool I put my confidence in my own healing ability down as well. Instead I put Paul's healing ability above my own. I started to let Paul take the lead in all the energy healing work we do, started to stand off to a side to observe, relegated myself to a helper role in the work he was doing, and concentrated instead on doing the counseling.

Paul protested. Thought it was detrimental to my self-confidence. Worried that it was an unhealthy dynamic but there wasn't anything he could do to convince me. He was just so much more confident and at ease.

In recent weeks we've been asking for breakthroughs and an interesting thing happened in our last several sessions. Paul started to counsel more like I do (taking on roles for the client to relate to and other more advanced techniques) and I was given the lead in the energy healing. I've been doing a good job, too. We both have been!

It was a confidence-building experience. Paul maybe needed it less than I did but it was good for both of us to see.

I'm thinking much more confidence building is yet to come. Paul's talking about wanting to share himself through mass media, maybe doing a series of videos again. I'm trying to explore avenues for putting our writing out more in the public view. Neither one of us understands how any of this fits in with finding another place to live but being able to believe in ourselves, I think, is a very important part.

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