Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Symbolism of Rabbits

Doing a little research on the topic of rabbits brings up a pretty wide assortment of folk belief about their relative worth. Some cultures don't view rabbits in a positive light -- probably because of their fearfulness and timidity and, no doubt, the trickery they employ to destroy a garden in no time flat.

Most cultures do, however, revere rabbits in one way or another. They are symbols of fertility, abundance and prosperity, rebirth, promise and fulfillment. I just know that when a rabbit comes into my life I feel good. Even the idea that a rabbit has the ability to work with its natural timidity by using its intelligence and ingenuity to get what it wants is a positive value for me right now. It's no wonder that in the United States and parts of Europe the rabbit is still considered a powerful good luck charm.

This evening's rabbit was provided by Silly Kitty, an Etsy shop based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She makes all kinds of cute crocheted, felted, knit and origami things. Check her shop out here.

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