Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Independent Filmmaking and the Pacific Rim Film Festival

Paul and our friend Marie and I have been going to free films as part of the Pacific Rim Film Festival all this weekend and we're going tonight, too! We've seen some great ones by filmmakers you've probably never heard of. Our favorite so far was American Fusion, the first feature length film by director Frank Lin which starred some well known actors like Pat Morita and Esai Morales. He claims it was shot in 18 days, using only two cameras, and he did all the editing himself on his girlfriend's computer using software he had to teach himself how to use as he went along! You'd never know. It was well-written, very funny, well-shot and as well-done as any film I've seen at our local arthouse film theater. It's coming out on DVD sometime this year and if you have a chance to rent it on Netflicks, do! It's a lot of fun.

Seeing films like we've seen this week has been very inspiring. We just got our new video camera, by the way. That's Paul with it in the photo above. The fuzzy thing is a cover that gets put over the microphone to cut out wind noise when you shoot footage outside. Paul says the technical term for it is "dead cat." We think it looks ridiculous but it should make people laugh when we point our camera in their direction and ask them to smile for the kitty!

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