Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Truth and Beauty, Fear Versus Intuition

One of my favorite inspirational authors is Rob Brezsny, ex-Santa Cruzan poet-astrologer author of Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings. He sends me a weekly astrology email newsletter which I enjoy and continually compiles positive and uplifting links and information in what he calls his "Beauty and Truth Lab." You can find a link to his Free Will astrology website (the home of the lab) in one of the sidebars at the left.

So, just a short time ago, I was fretting over how our intuition of late (both Paul's and my own) is strangely out of sync with what our intellect would say is the appropriate thing to do. We make only the money we've needed to get by, are being told we must move really soon, haven't succeeded in even finding stopgap "day jobs" that could adequately provide for what we need and what does our intuition tell us to do? Buy video cameras, sound and lighting gear and prepare to become budding videographers??!!! What the....???!!!!

When I forget about the making money NOW thing I really like the idea. We've had several conversations about things we'd like to do. We even think we'd like to interview other people and point a spotlight on other things we find inspiring instead of just pointing the camera at ourselves. Paul's Kundalini Awakening video on Youtube has had 22,000 views so far and brought us several clients so, besides our website and Craigslist ads, it has been one of the more successful things we've done. But it didn't do that much for our business by itself, it requires a lot of time to come up with the concept, shoot and edit the footage, and most of our videos were not similarly successful so the thought of doing more of them makes me a bit overwhelmed. I decided to lay down to do some energy healing on myself and was guided to check my email. There was Rob Brezsny's column and in it my horoscope for the week says:
Live the most interesting and imaginative life you can dream up.
And then there was a link to this podcast called "Fear Versus Intuition." It's really good.

Being afraid makes us feel helpless. Our guidance makes us feel good. It works for the people we do sessions for. I hear the theme to Indiana Jones. If we don't trust that the bridge will appear if we're brave enough to step out we'll never find out. We ordered a better video camera to replace the cheap one we got. I guess we're getting ready to take our next step.

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