Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moving Delayed

A mistake was made at U-Haul and our rental truck isn't going to be available until Saturday. I'm so relieved!

The packing is going well but we keep underestimating how many boxes it's going to take and I keep remembering last minute things I think I ought to take care of. Having the Thanksgiving holiday in the middle of this was making it challenging to deal with all of this. Not to mention the many emotional and physical curveballs we've been confronting of late.

Both Paul and I had had intuitive heads-up that we might not get on the road until Sunday and today I was trying to "convince" myself that if we weren't ready to go until then that we could pay an extra day's rental fee and just live with it. Health is more important.

But now we know that the rental truck isn't going to be ready and it isn't our fault and everybody's happy. The U-Haul guy didn't get yelled at when he called to tell us the mistake. I don't have to push so hard. And we all can take a break and even enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday a little bit. Yeah!

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