Friday, December 12, 2008

Abundant Prosperity and a Healthier New Year

Oh, the trouble in the news these days. I can hardly stand to watch. Rising unemployment (up to 10% in parts of Arizona), record foreclosures, businesses failing. But is it ALL the news that's fit to "print" or report about? Depends on where you sit.

According to recent statistics, 10% unemployment in some locations looks really bad. That does, however, mean that 90% of the population or more IS employed. Mervyn's closed its doors. "Wow! That's bad!" But had you been in a Mervyn's in the last few years? They were on the brink anyway. Record numbers of people who were given a chance to "afford" a home they never would have been given a home loan for before losing those homes to foreclosure looks really rough. Never having been in a position to afford to own a home on my own before, I'm not sure how to think about this myself. And guess what? Falling home costs (back to where they were not that long ago -- before greedy real estate investing ran amuck but still when things were healthy enough) now makes home ownership a more healthy reality for thousands of people who haven't been able to think about buying a home for a long time. Home sales are up! In some places, like Arizona, they're selling at record rates.

I'm not trying to make light of this situation. Some people's fortunes have fallen, many people are hurting in terms of their 401Ks. Almost everyone has been frightened into tightening their belts and reassessing their financial choices. And a lot of us are looking for opportunities and new ways to make ends meet.

Today, I'm writing this from the high desert of Arizona, a place I never thought I'd associate with "prosperity" in any way. And it certainly isn't the most luxurious spot on the planet in terms of worldly possessions, flash and glitz.

But I've been thinking about what does survive out here and what it takes. The place is hopping with rabbits! Lots of small cottontail bunnies and a very large jack rabbit with long ears that Priscilla and Frank have named Harvey. I've written in numerous other blogs that rabbits are a symbol of prosperity. What are they doing in the desert? Having a very good life it would seem!

Living in the desert takes a certain amount of grit and determination. You can't survive without it. But there are plants that thrive out here. Junipers, cedars, cactus. Numerous desert plants I'm going to have to learn more about. I only use a few desert plants in the flower essence perfumes I make but I realized that the only one I used on purpose happens to be in my Abundant Prosperity perfume. It's called the California Peony and it's used to help release stuck energy in the area of personal safety so that true recognition of the abundance and prosperity we share with the world all the time can come forward.

It's hard to feel prosperous when you're feeling scared. Abundant Prosperity perfume was formulated specifically to address this issue. It contains Lemon essential oil and Zinnia flower essence, both known for their ability to promote feelings of light-heartedness and joy. Think of bunny rabbits hopping about and playing. Happy to be alive and joyful. That's the kind of prosperity this is all about.

But I also add to that Iris flower essence for increased creative inspiration (you need that when the tired and no longer "true" approaches to making money let you down) and Madia flower essence for disciplined focus. This isn't just a pie in the sky (just think happy thoughts) approach to making a healthy happy life. It's about thinking big and having the focussed attention to follow through.

Shameless self promotion: Buy some Abundant Prosperity for Christmas! Peace and Goodwill, too.

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