Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Guidance

Was sharing an email correspondence today with another psychic/artist/healer. We've been sharing mutual support over the internet for our changing lives.

She mentioned that she, like so many of us these days, feels "pressed down", like everything needs to be scaled back just to the deep essentials. There's a feeling of not being able to do what you want to do right now but my guides say it isn't so. It's fear talking and that's what they want the world to know.

"This isn't the time to play the game of putting your head in the sand. Obviously something's up in the world economy and something significant is being changed. But neither is it time to throw away your most cherished hopes and dreams. It's not time to come out begging either. It's time to pitch in, see what the world needs most, and commit to it. It's time to throw away things that don't work. Time to make the world whole."

"You all have what it takes to play this game. But you need to be told the truth. The world isn't a playground for the rich to pillage and plunder. You haven't been duped; you've seen it unfolding right in front of you. Today it comes crashing down. So be it."

"Let healing happen. Visualize it happening. Intend it happening. Demand it."

"It changes everything and the world becomes better and brighter for everyone and the creatures, fish, plants and trees -- the whole world and everything in it --is helped as well."

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