Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Desert Light

The earth here is the color of terra cotta. And now, driving on the dirt roads, our Jeep is the color of terra cotta, too. The Indians just scooped the clay here from the earth and baked their pots in the hot sun. In the late afternoon light the red clay deepens in intensity and the yellow desert grasses glow.

It's beautiful and incredibly peaceful when I'm not stuck in negative thinking and fear. Nothing has prepared us for what we have found out here. Everything is unfamiliar but we've been guided to think this is not the end of the journey we're on in coming out here, only the beginning. My guides say that we're in process of changing into something we need to know. They try to remind us that all is well. That even in the desert God's bounty is abundant. They say the desert is here to teach the world to pay attention to the gifts in every rock and tree. It's easy to miss the beauty in the small details of life when the senses are overstimulated by excess. And today the world, the balance tipped toward financial crisis and fear, needs to remember the importance of every gift we receive.

We're surrounded by junipers in this strange world we inhabit now. Those are juniper trees in the photo accompanying this blog. I felt compelled to research the uses of juniper trees on the internet and I feel compelled to make use of it. Today I discovered a site that said juniper berry essential oil was an invaluable ingredient in emotional, gastro-intestinal, and overall detoxification. It clears the mind and helps heal people who are exposed to emotionally toxic or draining people and life situations. It's especially uplifting for people coping with great emotional challenges and upheaval. Sounds perfect for what so many of us are going through these days.

We're going through an enforced period of emotional and physical detox in the world today. The financial excesses of greed and intoxication are being forcibly swept away. People who thought they could depend on their 401Ks might need to rely on family and friends instead. And on community, real community, not just the social comfort of shared interests, shared politics, shared beliefs but the community that comes from reaching out past presumed differences to heal our greatest common concerns.

As I said before, when Paul and I walk in the desert we can't take our eyes off the ground. Why? We're afraid we'll miss something precious and unusual.

In our lives back in Santa Cruz there were rocks and landscapes equally amazing and beautiful. We noticed the oceans, the mountains, the larger vistas...and yet we rarely if ever noticed the tiny stones beneath our feet.


Juniper oil is now a featured addition to my Mama Love for Troubled Times body, bath and massage oil. Check it out!

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