Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finding "Home" in the Desert?

Well, we've arrived! And what a strange arrival it's been.

First, imagine our surprise to find ourselves 30 miles away from the nearest town--tiny tiny Republican Mormon Snowflake. Most people are nice to us but for a couple of New Age spiritual counselors with pretty liberal Democrat ideals, it's a strange feeling indeed. I wanted to run away screaming before we even unpacked but today something even stranger happened.

Paul and I went for a walk after breakfast. This time we brought a whistle, our cell phone and a walking stick to draw easy to follow tracks to find our way back with. The first time we went for a "walk" we walked and walked for miles, completely lost, and Paul's mother honked her car horn and called to us through a megaphone to help us find our way back when it became dark and it became clear to them that we must be having trouble finding our way home.

Well, you know, all those juniper trees look alike, the unmaintained county roads can't always even be found on a map, and there are very few sight lines to navigate with. Newcomers get lost here all the time. It's kind of an expected thing.

Oh yeah, the strange thing. After days of thinking "oh my God, what have we done? We HAVE to get out of here!" we went for another walk and it was so QUIET and peaceful and beautiful I found myself exclaiming "I LOVE it here!" I wish I had photos to put up. We've been taking them but I need to drive several miles to use a decent internet connection and forgot to download them to the computer.

We're both quite confused about this. We felt certain when we first arrived that we needed to leave as soon as humanly possible. Maybe we still will...we feel we need to be shouting distance to some population base that can support our work...

But it is SO peaceful here. A person just slows down breathing the air (which is crisp and clear for miles around).

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Linda in the Northeast Kingdom said...

Glad to hear from you. You were drawn to be there for a reason... have fun discovering what it is. The quiet is a good start.
Know that those who love you hold you in their hearts.