Monday, December 15, 2008

We Have Both Kinds of Music Here

Country AND Western.

Still reeling from culture shock and still coping with simple tasks of day to day living. Notice no photos up on our blogs. Dial-up with a 28k modem (most of the time) is just too slow.

We got snow and mud tires today. Discovered that our wimpy city slicker tires were just ridiculous when it rained and the dirt roads out here turned to mud. We also discovered that our Jeep Grand Cherokee -- a vehicle we think is HUGE -- is just a "cute little Jeep" out here. People have economy cars...but they're not too common. Luckily, gas is $1.49/gallon. I don't remember the last time I saw a price that low.

Paul gets a kick out of some of the songs we've heard on the radio. His favorite is one where the lyrics go something like "I'm not like the other guys. I want to take you out to the sticks, walk with you through a wildflower field, and then check your body for ticks!"

We hear mostly anthems to cowboy and farmer life. "My grandpappy lived here all his life but I moved away. Now I have a wife and kids and I'm back on the farm to stay."

Not as many "he done me wrong" songs as we expected to hear but I heard one sung by a woman that made me laugh: "I hate your stupid pick-up truck that you wouldn't let me drive anyway. The only good you are to me right now is as a photo to burn and throw away."

We don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes. We wanted to go to Sedona and start checking out retreat centers and spas where we might bring our work this week but a set of winter storms is blowing in. They expect more than a foot of snow up in the hills, not sure what we'll get here but the weather reports on the radio include the warning: "Do not drive! If you have to drive bring extra blankets, a cell phone, extra batteries and drive really slow. If you don't have to drive, stay off the roads!"

Welcome to country life.

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